My Green Flash List

Tomorrow completes spring break for us.College Boy1 has already left and College Boy2 leaves tomorrow.

The day before they leave is the hardest for me. I tend to sulk internally knowing what is coming. This past week everything was as it should have been, selfishly, for me. There were home cooked meals around the kitchen table, dinner at the sushi bar where the owner/chef was happy to see us walk in all together, the ironing board made one of its trimester appearances, multiple trips to the grocery store were made once with a son in accompaniment much to my amazement. A Rice Krispies Treats kitchen date was requested by the other son where I was to teach him the secret to why he thinks my recipe is the best he has ever tasted.
There is no secret.
That is the lovely part.

Last night I saw my son laugh so hard where no sound was forthcoming but only tears. I have never seen him this way before to see that expression on his face. It was over the silliest thing the three of us were talking about and was one of those instances of complete happiness where I felt a tingle in the air. A moment where I pray that if I do get to see my life flash before me at my passing I will relive how I felt at that moment. It would be on my Green Flash List right before my sun sets.

I have a running list ~ the sun on my boys’ hair when they were in my arms as toddlers, gliding over crimson water at sunset that seamlessly echoed the sky, a hand written letter from my husband where my emotions could not be contained.

It really is about the little things and I’m grateful I slowed down this week and turned around last night to add yet another to my list.

So grateful.

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  1. Simply the most beautiful post I have ever read PM!

  2. That was so sweet. I now have a big lump in my throat!
    It is funny about the crispie treats–my kids think I make the best too! Amy says no one can make them taste like mine! No secret here either. (I do use real butter).
    Your post was very touching. It truly is the little things that can make us happy!

  3. Such a wonderful way to put it. A Green Flash moment, when all is right. Our children. Thanks.

  4. Once again, your post has given me cold chills! I’ll get back to you on the gift we emailed about earlier!! We seriously need to come up with something fabulous! xoxo

  5. Thanks for making me cry! I was trying to sneak a read while my parents watch the news!

  6. This is one of the most beautiful posts I have ever read. I hope my momma and daddy feel like this when I come home from college for visits!

  7. such a beautiful post ! The simple thinks of life are the more important to remind : is the “salt” of existence . Hearing our children laughing is certainly one of the moment which bring so much hapiness in a house

  8. it’s definitely about the little things, that are not “things” at all.
    So glad you had a wonderful week together my friend!

  9. this was a such a beautiful post and a lovely tribute to the joy of having your kids come home. i only hope my parents feel the same!

  10. I could so relate to that post!! My three adult testosterone sons, now 39, 27, and 25, often brought lumps to my throat and tears to my eyes. The middle one marries May 7and I will FINALLY have another girl in the family. Sadly, his oldest brother – and best man, Shawn, an AF reservist for 15 years, is being activated for a year in Afghanistan and will miss the wedding. When I asked if Jeremy will then be best man, he said, he said, “No, no one can replace him.” Their big brother, 11years older than the middle one, practically raised his half brothers when their dad left when they were 3 and 5, following my back surgery. I couldn’t have made it without him and he was the best big brother two kids could ever have.