Flashback Friday!

I saw these on Parcel Post.

The blog accompanies a stationery store in Venice, CA that I would love to visit one day. The west side of LA however is like a million miles away from Orange County. Not really actually, but there are no left turn lanes in LA with green arrows! What would I do?!? My nephew who lives in the heart of the city accuses me of not wanting to leave “The OC” for this reason alone.
Maybe he’s right.

Anyway, the red, white and blue repeating band on one of the notes reminded me of airmail stationery from the late 60’s. The paper sheet was all inclusive acting as the blank page for your letter but with sides, top and bottom folded in, would transform to become the envelope. The postage was already printed on the front and it had to be bought at the post office. It was special and it was an occasion to use it. It was bound for exotic places outside of suburbia and waiting for its foreign counterparts to return from my pen pals in New Zealand and Canada was just as exciting.

Do you ever send a hand written letter with multiple pages anymore?

Does anyone remember when airmail was the means to send a letter overseas?

Am I just really, really old? Don’t answer that one.

Just wondering in my flashback. 🙂

Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. I remember those very well :O) We still got letters written on them well into the 80’s and perhaps early 90’s. Relatives in Scotland would write all about their comings and goings :O)

    I cant remember the last time I wrote a multi page letter by hand in ink. I do write many hand written notes every week – my mail lady must wonder why I have so much outgoing mail lol! But I love notecards and love knowing someone will find something other than a bill or flyer in their mailbox :O)

  2. I do love writing letters and i remember a time ( not so antique lol) when my best friend and i were writing 5 pages lettera week, when she was in Ireland for a year ( it was like 10 years ago and i was an old teenager) ! internet make us lost the sense of writing !

  3. Oh, the letters to and from France I sent on those airmail foldups…on one a French boy drew stars across the top.

  4. Those sticky notes are fabulous!

  5. hmmm, the last time i sent a multi-page letter was at summer camp. I send lots of note cards though, and I never sent a letter internationally.