Decorated Bunny Cookies

She’s a pretty young thing.decorated bunny cookiesShe likes mascara and pedicures as you can see.

decorated bunny cookiesOne became two.
(Don’t they make a cute couple?)
decorated bunny cookiesAnd two became three.
All happy in the Bunny family.

decorated bunny cookies

Thank you to everyone who ordered Bunny Cookies!
My kitchen was hopping with excitement and sweet aromas.

I am popping them into the mail today and tomorrow.
I have added a small handmade card with each of your orders.
The cookies will stay fresh until after Easter if hungry bunnies can wait that long. 🙂

We are headed to Scottsdale tomorrow for our nephew’s wedding this weekend.
I know! They are dropping like flies in this familia!
There must be a nicer way to put that! 🙂

College Boy1 will be flying into Phoenix and we’re meeting College Boy2 at Union Station in LA, having breakfast at Philippe’s and driving out with Grandma Jeana who is joining us. Looks like it will be a beautiful weekend. Grandma will stay awhile longer in AZ to visit and the boys will drive back home with us until College Boy1 leaves for the U of Minnesota for a grad school look-see on Thursday then back to Boston (he graduates in 2 months!) and College Boy2 hops on the train to go back up north so I’m taking a short blogging break to enjoy my men while everyone is at home.

Wishing you wonderful days ahead!


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  1. Gorgeous cookies!!
    You guys have a fabulous trip!

  2. Those cookies are soo pretty! They came out great!!! Have a great trip!

  3. ADORABLE! (can you tell I’m excited?)

  4. These are AMAZING! I wish I had ordered some! Next time count me in!!!

  5. They are so stinkin cute! I love them!

    Have a wonderful time with your boys! Are you going to blog about the wedding when you get back?

  6. those are so cute! i picked up a bunny cookie cutter today. mine will get white icing and an eye if they are lucky.

  7. Your decorating skills are so amazing!

  8. How in the world did I not know about the cookie orders? Anyway – enjoy your time with the college boys! I’ll email you if I need you!!

  9. So cute! have a wonderful weekend!

  10. oh i love these! i wish i had ordered some!

  11. Cookie talent I bow to!!!
    So since you’re hitting my town I’ll let you know its sunny, blue skies & high 80s, in other words perfection.
    You should stop into my buddies ice cream shop Sweet Republic if you’re near…yup they’re webbed up. Think small batch from scratch heaven.

  12. How adorable are these cookies!!
    Hope you have a great time at the wedding!

  13. Oh goshh those cookies look divine! Easter is by far one of my favorite holidays!

  14. Heidee-Ho Neighbor!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  15. Popped in to say hi! How precious!

  16. Beautiful presentation, love how you package your goodies!
    Enjoy the time with family. Can’t believe you are now on the grad school journey!

  17. Ms. PM,

    WOW!!! You have really made these cookies so special and beautiful.
    Just imagine the joy you have created with your talents!
    Have a fantastic time with your family.
    Will be counting down the days until you return back to blogland.

  18. Bonjour,

    Cute cookies. Dont think I could eat them LOL Love the pearl necklace. I live in Canada. Dont know if the future if you deliver your items so far North. Passing by from SITS.

  19. Gorgeous cookies! Have fun with the boys! Happy Easter!

  20. Oh my goodness…Those are SO lovely! And color me jealous. I’m dying to travel out West. I was just telling the fabulous Miss Wendy B that today!

  21. Those cookies are divine. I wish I had ordered some!!!!! Love the pedicures and pearls!

  22. Those cookies are great! Are you going to make any spring cookies? Flowers? I would love to buy some. Nancy from OHIO

  23. Those are just gorgeous!

  24. I am so glad you linked up these amazing cookies! They are just beautiful. I would love for you to link back if you could:) I can’t wait to see what other great things you have on your blog!

  25. Just beautiful!!! I love the family all packaged together, too…so sweet! Thanks for linking up! 🙂