Dazzling and Divine!

I cannot tell you how spectacular, substantial and stunning this CZ cuff is!

And yesterday it became mine!

Thought perhaps you’d want it to be yours too!

Truly dazzling & going fast!

HSN ~ Couture Jewelry by Adrienne 229.90ct Diamonite CZ “Opera” 7-1/4″ Bangle Bracelet Item: 382-649 Regular price – $199.95 Sale price – $59.97 (70% off)

“Twinkle In Her Eye” ~ Leanne Rimes
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  1. I followed before I even thoroughly read anything. I LOVE your blog…it is beautiful…and then the bracelet (70% off!) and then I saw the cocktails. Thanks for stopping by 504 Main…I am sooo very glad you were behind me at SITS today!

  2. Very pretty! I also love the strands of pearls you now have between your posts, very clever!

  3. Oooooh Shiny!!!

    Alas, I will refrain as I already have my eye on a pair of spring-ready yellow sandals and 4 conventions coming up, the first of which is next weekend.

    But I can jewel vicariously through you, at least! lol!

  4. It is spectacular!

  5. Nice bling!

  6. Brat! I’m glad you got it, ’cause it is sold out!!!!
    I was really busy yesterday and today and missed some posts. Dang!

  7. Hello! That is gorgeous. What a statement piece!