Channeling January Jones

Some people just do sunglasses well. January Jones is one of them.

Whether as Betty…

or herself…

In Oliver Peoples
She always looks classic and timeless.

I have a love affair with sunglasses and own way too many.

I have always been drawn to the classic Wayfarer look but they were too masculine and big for me until…
this season Ray-Ban made a smaller version.

I found mine at Nordstrom. Black on black. Love them.
They come in a variety of colored frames and lenses.

I found the Ray-Ban site hard to navigate so I went to ShopStyle to look around but Nordstrom, Macy’s and Bergdorf have the smaller style just in time for something new this spring.

Now back to my blogging break!

Hope you are enjoying your week!

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  1. And I have coveted some Oliver Peoples since 1982.

  2. I would wear my sunglasses all the time if I could – I feel totally protected – LOL. I have a “vintage” pair of wayfarers from the early eighties that my 22 year old daughter wears all the time. My current favorite glasses are Kate Spade.

  3. She is so lovely, feminine, elegant and yet girl next door….I have not seen her look bad ever!
    Wearing glasses can be a challenge but she pulls this look off with grace and style, makes it look easy!

  4. I’m a wayfarer addict! people think it’s weird when they’re NOT somehow attached to my head

  5. I love sunglasses and January Jones is fabulous! I didn’t know there was a smaller version of the Wayfarer! I have always loved them, but they are too big for my face too! I will definitely be looking for them at Nordstroms!!!

  6. ooh, I will have to look for those new wayfarers. I too have an obsession with sunglasses these days. Unfortunately for me, they don’t all look so great on my small face.

  7. I think she is a KNOCK-OUT!!!! She always looks great. I wonder if she wakes up like this? Probably…
    I really like the new Ray-Ban’s, but I was having a hard time figuring out which ones were the smaller version. Do they say the smaller style?
    Hope your well. The wedding looked like it was a lot of fun. Your boys looked great helping their grandmother.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. I wore my sunglasses, prescription, today inside at lunch. Comments and questions followed… It was either that or see a tad bit blurry. I had left my other glasses in the car and opted for clear, but darker vision.
    Have a nice break!

  9. Love JJ~ I tagged you!

  10. Love this post! I need some new sunglasses. I have been way too cheap & am wearing Target sunglasses. Thank you for the ideas! January Jones is so pretty!

  11. i love sunglasses! and remember my very first pair of ray bans! i saved all my babysitting money to buy them! do you remember the ray ban “leathers” with the leather-wrapped wires? my own mother one-upped me and had them! ha!
    Betty Draper can do NO wrong in my eyes (with or without sunglasses on!)

  12. I added a link to the Nordstrom page on the post. Don’t know why I didn’t do that in the first place. 🙂 I am also eying the red ones!

  13. And actually, I sorta have a crush on Betty Draper. Just between you and me.

  14. Agreed – she looks completely gorgeous! And I share your obsession with sunglasses – a girl can never have too many pairs!

  15. January is one of my very favorite actresses. Her style on Mad Men is so sophisticated and I draw inspiration from her with a lot of my closet picks (I even dressed up as her for Halloween 🙂 She looks amazing in real life as well. Love those sunnies!

  16. Oliver Peoples were my first faves in the 80s. I currently have Ray-Bans (smaller ones) in tortoise with my Rx.

    I’m at the age where I prefer my photo in shades. 🙂 My last blog profile photo was such. So will my next one be. I’m due anyway…

  17. Ahhhhhh, need those Bans STAT!