This Is The Last Straw!!

I promise no more posts featuring these straws but I KNEW there was something adorable you could do with them!pretty valentine strawsCheck it out at A Field Journal.

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  1. Those are so cute. Do we want kindergartners again- or what???? 😉 Actually I would make those for my girlfriends! hehe Come over and we’ll have a craft party. xoxo

  2. Wow, those are really sweet and almost make this jade old lady of 65 get into the Valentine spirit!

  3. Oh those are so cute! You don’t have to stop posting about these, they are wonderful. What a beautiful and nostalgic idea! There is just something about vintage….timeless.
    How are you feeling? Good luck with all of your chores.

  4. I love this. In the stunningly poor planning department someone decided our grade level Valentine party is a ice cream float party. It is February, we live in Antarctica. However, it is always a blast & I always get really fun, silly, colorful Valentine straws. These are just perfect:)