The Revenge Of The Princess

I came across this graphic and just loved it so I thought I would write a post around it.It reminds me of the line about kissing a few frogs before you find your prince.

What is your favorite frog story? Shy? Okay I’ll go first…

My first boyfriend in high school kept calling me by his old girlfriend’s name as our names were very similar. This was so painful to me. I was always in constant fear he would go back with her, which of course he did, more than a few times. He broke my heart over and over again until I decided I had had enough. He ended up marrying her and having a lovely life but the best part was talking to him years later and him apologizing for being such a terrible BF. I was very surprised he had brought up our tumultuous relationship but he had opened the door so I decided to agree with him mostly on behalf of my mom whose summer I ruined one year with crying and sulking over the break up and whose gray hair I know I contributed to all due to this one particular frog. Anyway, it felt great! I couldn’t believe how great it felt.Then I started to feel badly thinking he was carrying around this guilt for years and I eased up and told him he was sometimes a wonderful BF, which was not true. The conversation ended pleasantly but not letting him completely off the hook was “priceless”, as the say.

What’s your frog story?


“You Know I’m No Good” ~ Amy Winehouse

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  1. I stopped by from the SITS site and read your newest post. I recently had my first “love” call my and apologize for everything that he had done. I was shocked and didn’t really know what to say. He had been a jerk, so the apology was needed, but it had been so long ago there was absolutely nothing there. I felt bad for the guy and concerned at whatever in his life had happened to bring him to need to do this. Then he tried hitting on my over and over again and it all went down hill… so much for that.

  2. My stories tend to lean toward ‘Success is the best revenge’ :O)

    Like finding myself on the same plane as an ex-bf – when we were coming back home from our honeymoon!!!!!!!!!!! Total freaky fluke but wow…it was an interesting 8 hours!

  3. My test to weed out the ‘frogs’ depending 100% on how they treated my little brother. You see, ‘Chuck’ is retarded and at tiems could be annoying. Any boy who even showed a hint of annoyance or even had a gleam in their eye that looked like it could be interpreted as mean-ness didn’t stand a chance. Funny thing is, I never told anyone that this was how I measured everyone.

    I knew that my husband Jay was the one when he insisted at least once a month that we take Chuck to the movies with us.

  4. My most recent ex. Ugh. Yeah when things were good they were good. But they weren’t good often. We broke up after 4 months but remained friends with benefits for 2 years after. And I constantly held out hope that he would want me back.

    Finally I told him to leave me alone and not speak to me again. And a month later my husband and I decided to start dating. Now we’re married!

    I’m actually friends with that ex and he’s since apologized for the way things were. I think in our case we were BOTH each other’s frogs. But I’m glad we can at least be friends.

  5. Such an adorable picture! “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your handsome prince” was one of my favorite quotes in college – perhaps because of all the frogs I met and my hope that my prince was waiting for me somewhere. With 6 months to go before my wedding, I can finally say I found my Prince Charming!

  6. Oh I like this! Mine:

    My first ‘real’ boyfriend and I started dating the summer before my senior year in high school. He was two years older than I am, but maturity wise, I was the grown up. Anywho… We dated for a year and a half before things started going downhill. To make a long story short, he cheated on me and I had one of my typical ‘heat in the seat’ moments us southern girls are prone to, put him in his place and declared another day. Very dramatic. We didn’t speak to one another for over a year, despite working for the same company. Then, one night, he randomly sent me an IM to see if I would reply. Curious (or nosy, I deem them interchangeable), I replied. Anyway, he apologized to me profusely and having grown up a lot since then, I forgave him. I still talk to him from time to time on facebook, but I thought it took a lot of guts to apologize for the disaster he put me through.

    Thank you for writing this post!

  7. Your frog story trumps any of mine by far! My mom did give me a package of funny frog prince stickers after one particularly sad breakup, sad for my 16 year old self! Love these memories!

  8. I love your Frog and Princess image, perfect. Your story is great too, a classic.
    I, on the other hand, don’t have many frog stories. You see, I have been with my prince since I was 17. Now 33 years later, still here!
    I wish I had a good story to tell though!