Are You A Mac or A PC?

Mr. P. M. and I were at the mall in the new Microsoft store. There are only 2 in the U.S. As far as I know, they may also be the only two in the galaxy. Why one happens to be in my mall, I couldn’t guess. I would think Mission Viejo would be way down on the list of cosmopolitan places they could have chosen. I would love to see the research on this decision.Anyway, I have been looking at replacing my laptop since it was going to cost me $400 to send it in to fix. We must have spent an hour talking to this 19 year old boy who I doubt has yet to have a whisker appear on his face but he knew everything. I looked around. Every ‘expert’ looked liked him and all the customers with confusion on their faces looked liked us. I wonder if they ask these wunderkinds if they’ve had geriatric experience and are patient with the techno-challenged.

It was the first time I went into a store thinking, ‘Oh good, I got the young kid.’

I’m still undecided but I’m afraid I’m going to start dreaming in black and white if I don’t bite the $1500+ bullet and buy something.

So what are you and what do you recommend?
A Mac or a PC?

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  1. Mac!!!! You will love a Mac. It is so wonderful and easy to use. I make movies, books, and all kinds of things. I can’t live without it!

  2. People get SO worked up about this topic. I have to say that I personally, am a MAC girl all the way. I love it, and won’t go back to PC. But!, it depends on what you use the laptop for. If it’s business world related, people tend to find PC’s more accommodating.
    Happy hunting!

  3. It’s funny you ask about this. I was always a PC girl at home. My school has always been MAC. It used to drive me crazy trying to negotiate between the two different computers. Last year we got upgraded at school and each got a MacBook. I am a total Mac convert now. We still have our Dell desktop (my computer) and I have not used it in months! Every once in awhile I have to use my dh’s laptop (PC) and I hate it now. I am so used to my MAC.

  4. At one time we were a Mac family. It was when my husbands $1800 IBook’s logic board froze and it was going to cost us about $1200 to fix it. Then we found out that there was a known issue with the way the logic board was soldered. That resulted in a class action lawsuit against Apple. Sadly our serial number was just outside the ones they would replace. So for about the same $1200 we both got PC laptops. I would ask about the problem before I bought a Mac. Or google mac logic boards to understand the issue better. Good Luck!

  5. I am a PC…but probably only because I have always been a PC and cant be bothered trying to learn how to use a Mac.

    I just buy a new laptop every few years – it is amazing what you can get for under 300.00!

  6. Lady Kate says:

    My Mister, me and 2 sons are huge Mac fans. So intuitive to use, and such great tech support for those of us who are technologically impaired. At the store’s help bar…I think they must have trained some of those “kids” to be advisors to we “seniors.” They know how to talk slowly, repeat instructions and not roll their eyes are our stupid queries. Good luck with your decision!

  7. i love my mac!! I’ve had one for about 4 years now 🙂

  8. You’re going to pay double+ for a Mac with the same/similar software as a PC.
    Those in the design field, seem to “have to” have a Mac to create what they create. My daughter in the Graphic Design field, is saving up for a $2700 Mac. My SIL who creates online games and writes code for that industry says a PC is best for what he does.
    I think it depends on what you’re going to use it for and if cost is an issue. I personally, have a hard time dropping ~3K for a computer. If you have PhotoShop, which I hear they are updating with the new addition coming out in April, then you’d probably be able to do anything you’d want to on a PC.
    But to answer your question “I’m a PC”.
    I’d recommend pricing out a PC with the same/similar programs as the Mac you just saw, before you decide to “bite the bullet”.

  9. We are a totally MAC family…have had 2 laptops for myself and many upgrades for hubby and his firm use MACS exclusively….son in tech industry uses MACS at home and both at work as they write program software for large companies…happy shopping!

  10. Mac. After decades as a PC. I prefer the Mac hardware. AS in way prefer it. However, I find Mac OS and its file system to be less than intuitive. Net – I’d go Mac if I did it again. Makes me happier to use.

  11. We’re diehard PC users, because our business uses them, but our friends adore Mac. My contractor just bought a Mac (and the $99 training) and is in heaven–and he is doing great with it. Might be worth looking at. I wouldn’t have dreamed of going to the dark side if I wasn’t so darned impressed with my iPhone!

  12. All of our work computers are Dell. At home it’s the same but son2 loves his Mac Book Pro. I’d like to use a new computer for Photoshop or Elements. The iMovies sounds fun but I don’t know what I’d do with it. PC is way less expensive and we were told is faster?? Both stores offer the $99 all-you-can-learn seminars on anything I’d like to learn so that is good for me.

    All great perspectives! Thank you so much! 🙂 xoxo

  13. We love our Mac! Not only is it easy to use, it’s gorgeous to look at (like the ipod, iphone, etc.) but there are NO viruses out there for Mac’s. That was a big deciding factor for us.
    Also, if you get a Mac, pay the extra for the Applecare additional warranty period. Well worth it!

  14. I can’t answer this question since my husband has worked for the competition for many years!! I prefer my PC at home, but have the cutest new netbook I can travel with and we also have the trusty laptop. We are not lacking in computers around here!

  15. I’m a Mac, my husband is a PC.

  16. I got an Apple Macbook Pro from Santa and I LOVE it!! My previous laptop was a PC and I don’t miss it at all!!

  17. PC and love it. Although my son has a Mac and swears by it. He also says you cannot get a virus on it. All I can say is good luck deciding! I wish I new how to use a Mac, have never tried. I’m sure I could very easy though! Keep us informed on what you decide!

  18. PC for year. Now Mac! And I love it. Everything is so easy. I took those classes and loved them. And it’s so cute 😉 hehe. xoxo

  19. Mac!!!

  20. I have the only Mac in the house out of five computers and have had it for a year and a half. I love it. I am more of a creative thinker and not a business minded person and my Mac makes so much sense to me. My husband has trouble with my Mac because he is so black and white business minded. Mac’s support and online help is awesome.