Book Report Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story

I have finished Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story.

It was not what I was expecting. It was much better! Yes, they apparently did have a loving, physical relationship and were relatively open about it. The press corps of the 60’s were very different and little information would be considered mainstream like we know of things today. Every fact was quoted by name and cited. Footnotes and citations at the back of the book were extensive.

I think readers might find it interesting to see the dichotomy that history and limited knowledge affords against the reality of living persons who were young, in their 30’s, and who continued to live life off of the pedestal others placed them on because they were human.

One thing about Jackie I kept wondering about were her choices of leaving her children for large amounts of time to cruise the seas, go to Europe or to Mexico. Sometimes she would take the kids along only to drop them off back in NY and take off again on her own. I can’t imagine having this kind of lifestyle but when back in town she would personally take them to school and pick them up herself. I also found it interesting that she had no photos of JFK in her apartment in NY but only a large framed portrait of RFK which was lovingly signed. It appears that RFK was the love of her life although they obviously were not exclusive to each other.

The span of time this relationship took place was from her widowhood until RFK’s death which by the way, she was the one who made the decision and signed the papers to take him off life support because no one else could bring themselves to do so.

We have this imagine of the prim and proper Jackie because we were given it and it’s what the country was comfortable with at the time. This book shows a real person who purposely stepped down from that pedestal with lovers, a dissatisfaction with her role in history, and thoughtfully marrying Onassis whom she clearly did not love to free herself financially and to distance herself from America and the Kennedys. As for Bobby, we’re given more insight into his persona, a pit bull; someone who, like his older brother and father, had a propensity for relationships outside of marriage but also a capacity for a deep relationship and love with Jackie. All very fascinating and highly recommended if you want to get all the dirt.

Rating: 3.5 Pink Umbrellas out of 5.

What can I tell ya, I like the trashy stuff.

Good beach read or cozy up by the fire read.

(I’m too lazy this morning to figure out a way to make half an umbrella.
Mr. PM was up last night with food poisoning so that meant I was up too.)

I’ll be passing the book along to my friend then I think I will offer it to a lucky follower if someone is so interested so let me know if you are and I’ll have a little private give-away.

Enjoy the rest of the day! 🙂

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  1. Love the rating system!! I have added this to my list “to- read”

  2. I was wondering where that half/umbrella was 😉
    I love a “beach read”, I’ll have to get it.

  3. Sounds like a good read. Am on a biography kick recently. Please add my name to the giveaway!

  4. I hope I get the time to read it..I am reading The Kennedy Curse right now and love it! Hope you had a great weekend honey. Kori xoxo

  5. I have always been curious about this book. I am a big Kennedy buff, primarily Jackie but will devour anything about the Kennedys! But like most of us, I have this image of Jackie, the one most writers and journalists have portrayed and I was hesitant to read something that showed her in a different light (as human-LOL!) With such a review, I will have to find this book to add to my collection, ASAP!

  6. Thanks for the review!! I need to curl up with a good book soon!

  7. I saw this book the other day and added it to my list of want to reads!

  8. I want to read this, but I wonder what Ethel thought……