When One Small Classic Croc Apparently Isn’t Nearly Enough

When did the classic subtleties of this…
morph into this…
to ultimately become this…
An 8 croc orgy of highly ostentatious style and taste.
Yours, for a feeding frenzy on the wallet at $165.
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  1. The RL Polos are the same – I think it is because the oldie preps need reading glasses now so the logos are bigger so we can see them :O)

  2. Love the top one…disappointed with the subsequent two 🙁 what is happening?!

  3. All of these special edition items just really give me the creeps. Nightmare potential after wearing one of those! 😉 xoxo

  4. We need to ease up on the billboard shirts!! Yikes!

  5. I hate the new logos. I think they are hideous. I have to say though, Suburban Princess might be onto something, ha.

  6. Drives me crazy! RL, too! A small, tasteful, classic logo is sufficient!