The Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award!

I am always appreciative that someone would think enough of me and my blog to pass along a special recognition so I’d like to thank LPC at her Privilege blog for tagging me with this award.  Apparently, I should also thank Sugar Daddy Ken for bringing us together.  I have recently become acquainted with this intelligent woman’s writings who is a fellow empty nester and who surprisingly is on the same time zone as I.  For a slice of the upper crust visit her blog for a sophisticated serving.
Thank you again, Skye Peale!
The tag specifies to list 10 things about me that my readers might not know.  I feel I am pretty much an open blogging book and if you have been reading my blog for even a short while you’ll know this but I’ll give it my best shot to add some tidbits I haven’t included before and perhaps a ‘wow’ factor or two.
No promises though.  🙂

I was once a guest of Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows and partied with them in my PJ’s.  Steve looked dashing in his smoking jacket and Jayne had curlers in her hair while doing KP duty.

I took part in a medical study during an annual exam and received $25 in theater gift certificates from my Dr. whose office was participating in the study.  They were looking for volunteers so I thought if I could help advance medicine I would be very happy to do so and it might even be interesting.  If a new procedure for cervical cancer detection becomes available as easily as taking a picture during your visit and pap smears become obsolete, I am taking part of the credit for reducing the anxiety of millions of women so we no longer fear the words,
“just scoot down a little further, no, come on down, juuuuust a little more”.


I won a bet with my best friend in college, although I can’t remember what the bet was I remember the stakes were high.  He presented me with a funny gift on the steps of Bovard Auditorium at USC of which I still have tucked away in a drawer somewhere.  The exact location where I received the gift can be seen in the movie Legally Blonde where Elle is pronouncing to the girls that David gave her the greatest pleasure she had ever known.
Must be something about those steps.


  My personal home office is painted lavender.
It’s the one room where I can be girlie to my heart’s content.


  My sterling pattern is Rose Point by Wallace and I only have 9 place settings and 6 serving pieces.  My intention was to always complete the set but it doesn’t seem as important now.


  Upon arriving in Hollywood to make films in the 20’s, my uncle was kicked out of the Hollywood Presbyterian Church for apparently ‘womanizing’.  Aren’t family skeletons in the closet fun?

I am a close personal friend with a member of Congress who is squeaky clean but a party animal when you get him going at home.  I’ve had the best and silliest times at his casa where Mr. P.M. and I are constantly laughing when we get together.  He’s awful at bocce ball but I will say he makes the best, damn Mai Tais I have ever tasted!! 


  I received two honors from my home town when I was a 16.


I have worn my hair in a ponytail only once in my life that I can recall.

I have a fringe tie to a Real Housewife of the OC but please do not hold that against me.  I know a cast member from Little League daze and she helped me out when I got into a fender bender when she heard the crunch and came down to the street to see if she could help by calling the Highway Patrol.  This was years ago.  Although she might recognize my face I doubt she would even know my name and I like it that way.

I tag Rebecca June!
With her keen sense of style and her photos from a recent trip to Paris, this gal has got it goin’ on!

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  1. Congrats on your award! My office/craft room is lavendar too!

    I am guessing Jeanna is your OC connection :O)

  2. What a fantastic job. Well-deserved award. So glad to have found your blog.

  3. I bet it’s Jeanna. Her two boys are close in age to yours and that family is baseball crazy so of course they would have been doing little league!!

  4. Thank you, Thank you!

    I hope to see you soon!


    Rebecca June