Terivs Tumblers and Scout Bags Team Up!

Totable Tumblers are here!

Tervis Tumblers (my fav glass du jour, filled to the brim with ice every du jour) has been paired up with Scout totes. The insulated tumblers are pink patterned on the outside and green patterned on the inside. If you click on to the site you’ll be able to see a close up that I wasn’t able to upload.

Now the only question is…

Large Tumbler Tote

Small Tumbler Tote

Love them both!
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  1. That’s so funny, I was with the manufacturer this weekend and they didn’t mention it…

    In fact, how weird they didn’t bring them they would have killed!

  2. Love Tervis-drinking out of one as I type! They are super cute. xoxo


  3. The large one would make a great tennis bag. Tumblers in one slot, can of balls in the other.
    I {heart} Tervis T’s!

  4. Get both?

  5. Great totes!

  6. Oooh…I am IN LOVE!

  7. LOVE these! You’re not helping my spending habits!! xoxoxo

  8. This makes my day! I love both Scout bags and Tervis Tumblers. Thanks for posting this 🙂