Life According To Mitch Robbins

One thing I’ve learned:

I need to stay off the computer when I’m having a bad day.
A couple weeks ago I had one of those ‘procedures’ (hello? 50’s) and between the lingering effects of the anesthesia and severe induced PMS in pill form I went straight into a downward spiral with the worst being last weekend. I have almost fully recovered, am off the temporary meds and am starting to feel like my old self again. Whoever the guest blogger was who wrote such a downer post will not be asked back again! (if you didn’t read it, don’t bother, but it was me).

That was my blog on drugs!

I love my girlie pink-a-licous, sometimes frivolous blog. I love lamenting about the mysteries of life. I will always be out there, honest and open because it’s who I am. I love connecting to this wonderful community (never in question). Eventhough I still don’t know what surprises my life’s transitions hold for me one thing is for certain, I much rather be associated with this quote from another Billy Crystal movie ~

“I’ll have what she’s having.”
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  1. Hope you are feeling better! Sometimes you gotta have the good,bad and the ugly it’s life. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. Well, I missed your bad day post because I have been a very bad blogger lately, but I love your girlie pink-a-licious blog too! Hope you’re feeling better! Jury duty…ugggh. Smile…and wear something pink:-)

  3. “I’ll have what she’s having” I love this movie! Did you know that was RReiner’s mom who said that line!

    Hope you feel better soon and get back to your old self!

  4. don’t think we haven’t noticed all your blog changes… the 3 columns, the new dotted background, the header, the sidebars.
    You’ve figured it out and been a very busy girl!
    Everything looks great! You’re such a techie now, I’m proud of you!

  5. We like you cheerful and not so cheerful:).

  6. Lady Kate says:

    Sharing ALL of your feelings on your blog not only shows people that you are human, but other’s can empathize and perhaps know that they are not the only one when it comes to down, dark days. In addition, I’ll bet blogging for you can be very therapeutic. To read that you acknowledge your feelings and can get back up again to your bright “pink” self is very introspective. No one has all “pink” days….I just wish I could snap my fingers and make it better. Hugs, Sister!

  7. Frau ~ Thanks Frau. I am. 🙂

    Suzanne ~ I’ve missed you but see you are all set for the holidays. Your blog looks delish! Great advice to wear pink! 🙂

    S. Princess ~ Did you if you go to Katz’ Deli in NY you can sit at Sally Albright’s table and literally have what she had – on the side. 🙂

    SJN ~ You give me much too much credit. If it’s cut and paste I can do, anything else will have to stay the same. I don’t know how you do it but it could be a side business for you while you wait for tee time. 🙂

    LPC ~ Awwww. 🙂

    Lady Kate ~ Can’t hide anything from you after 30 years. I can’t believe you have known me from when I was born. Amazing! 😉

  8. I am with you… I love your pink, pretty, and thoughtful blog!

  9. That clip was hilarious!
    Hope you are feeling better!

  10. Hahahahaha!!!! One of my favorite scenes from a movie. It cracks me up every single time I see it.

    And believe me, I’ve had my fair share of procedures. Ugh.

    I love your pink, girly, pretty blog too, but somehow, I guess I missed that particular post. All of these magazine articles keep quoting women who are over fifty saying that they’ve never looked or felt better. Huh? I want some of whatever it is they’ve been drinking….

  11. I’ll read you either way, if you promise to do the same!! I’m sure all my reflective posts are getting old, too. Gosh, times can be hard, though – right? xoxo