Let There Be Light!

Because it’s dark earlier I want more accent lighting around the house to cozy up the casa.

I love the way this photo is accessorized with the pairing of the heavier tartan on the clear lamp base. The weight of the fabric pattern is made lighter by the variegated roses and white book jacket with red lettering. The white back drop is perfect. So fresh.
Williams~Sonoma Home.

I have been obsessing over these for weeks.
I want to gaze into them to see the future of how I could pay for them, even on sale, which they are now. Two in college. I have my priorities. Don’t you just hate it when the left brain takes over!
Williams~Sonoma Home.

I can picture both of these on my sofa table just like the photo. Pottery Barn.

You would not believe the lamps I have on my nightstands.
Laura Ashley Ginger Jars! Shhhh, don’t tell anyone!
I might update with wall sconces and nix the bedside table lamps all together.
The mirrored mosaic gives it a more updated look, don’t you think?
Black high gloss shades or leopard print? Ooooo.
Pottery Barn

I purchased this lovely for my kitchen but delivery is not until late Dec.
Ballard Designs

After years of democratic rule in my house where I made sure my choice of decor was comfortable and agreeable to the male majority, I made this executive decision. Why now? I have a gorgeous chandelier dripping with crystals hanging from the rafters in the garage. When I brought it in I heard comments from the male delegates of , “ugly, too girlie, in the kitchen… no way! Find another home for it… and the worst… sell it.” You get the idea. By being vetoed on this one item I have become a smart strategist. I waited until there were only two remaining votes left at home and of course, Mr. P.M.’s is mine by proxy! 😉

Have a radiant weekend!

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  1. I love those clear lamp bases! I have such a lust for anything heavy and glass (random paperweight collectors, raise your hands!)

  2. I think the menfolk have had too much power! I am ready to make some changes too and I think they will happen when hubby is at work!

  3. Love your taste, all the lighting is very nice eye candy!

  4. Think I MUST get that tartan lamp – at least the shade

  5. Love the 1st and 2nd especially. Have a great weekend!

  6. Good for you!! I can’t wait to see pics when that chandelier is hung in your house! I just loved the tartan shade!

  7. How seasonal and inviting is the plaid! I love love it!

  8. Oh some day I will have a chandelier. I am not sure if I can make it work in a 1950’s ranch house though. Next time. Next time. I love yours.

  9. I love tartan anything! how refreshing to see it used that way. I love arm lamps by the bed, makes reading so much better.

    Funny, I had a similar experience with masculine vs. feminine taste but it was regarding dogs. The males of the house insisted on a big dog cuz it was more manly. Years later when we had a yorkie… everyone prefered to clean up after her rather than the 75 lb dalmation.

  10. Love them all!! Especially the chandelier!! Yay for Miss Pink Martinis and Pearls!!

  11. I too can picture all those lovelies in my *pretend* new home, LOL!

    I did my son’s room makeover in navy tartan plaids and red tartan plaids and it’s one of my favorite rooms. I kept the theme to hunting, fishing, skiing so it wouldn’t be too busy. It makes a great guest room now.

  12. Love all the lamp choices! So hard when you are out numbered!

  13. Lighting is a great way to update things around the home! Love the chandelier and the tartan shade/base. Go Girl Power! Ha!

  14. I want one of each! Xoxo-BLC

  15. You have great taste! I really love the chandelier you got for the kitchen, beautiful! The glass lamps are pretty, and I also really like those star lamps. They would look great in my house in Maryland!


  16. love the ballard designs chandelier and as far as t-giving tunes- george winston “autumn” always does the trick!

    ps- so jeal that you’re under xeno’s tuttellage- you’re in great hands! I’ve got ideas about the masters 4- pop me a note at katiethecoxswain@hotmail.com if you want!



  17. We love your strategic planning Miss Martini, very wise on your part! (Heh-heh-heh.) And we adore your choices for the table lamps, they look outstanding!

    May your week be warm and wonderful,