In Honor Of All Who Served And Walked The Line.

Thank you,
for a life disrupted to keep us safe.

Aunt Mildred – WAC nurse – Europe
Aunt Kathryn – WAV nurse – Europe
Uncle Weegar – Army – Europe
Uncle Royce – Air Force – Europe
Uncle Alex – Navy – Europe
Uncle Dick – Air Force – South Pacific & Europe
Uncle Bill – Army
Uncle Carm – Army – Europe & Saudi Arabia
Dad Art – Air Force – Stateside
Uncle Jack – Navy
Papa Hal – Air Force – Europe
Mom Jeana – USO – Los Angeles
Aunt Lorraine – USO – Los Angeles

Viet Nam
Brother Randy – Marines & Reserves
Cousin John – Marines
Kenneth – Air Force

Cousin Steven – Air Force – Greenland
Cousin Jen – Air Force – Vandenberg

Music: Military Marches – The United States Marine Band

Originally posted on 5/20/09

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  1. What a lovely tribute! I’ve done posts on my family so many times I know my 6 readers are tired of it. Still, they all deserve being remembered for what they did for us and this country. I lost my two favorite cousins in Viet Nam, not to mention many friends. The list for WWII is even longer.

    Daughter’s high school boyfriend lost a leg in Afghanistan and is still in recovery.

    Actually, there is a movie about his bravery & loss.

    A fair amount of her friends & son’s have been in service & a few have not survived. We must always give them our support and love. They have earned it…

  2. Wow!! I can’t believe your family’s military history- that is amazing! What a special day this must be for y’all!

  3. Thank you for remembering each person individually…you have no idea what that means to me.

  4. Snooty ~ Thank you for commenting with links and your story. I was watching a PBS special last night of the recipients of The Medal of Honor. I was glued to the TV. it was incredible the odds they faced alone while everyone around them perished. I have the utmost respect of all in the armed services. Sounds like you do too.

    PPC ~ It really is incredible when I think of being tied to all of these persons. I try never to take this foregranted.

    Cheryl ~ I hope I got the branches correct. If I didn’t or if I can add something to it, please let me know. Love.