“All That Glitters… should be MINE!”

Kate is out there, and I’m lovin’ it!”

Gold Coast MaryAnn

Because I live on the Gold Coast of CA (well, inland a little, but just a tad) and I have a niece named Marianne.

Pink Sparkly Shoes

Puhleese. An obvious trick question!

Single Ball Earrings

Time Square’s got nothing on these babies!
Happy New Year!

Disco Fever Link Bracelet

A sparkly cuff. My true love.
I cannot, should not, will not resist!

What things do you have that make you say,
” I cannot, should not, will not resist?”

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  1. Just saw that bag at Nordies…it is TDF!!!!!

  2. Love the bag!!!!

  3. I love Kate Spade! She is tops. xoxo


  4. uh-oh – you shouldn’t have shown me those shoes!!!

  5. I really want those earrings!!! And purse and shoes!!

  6. I love it all, especially the bag and shoes! Kate Spade never disappoints.

  7. I got the sample package from the skin care company! Thanks so much for letting us know about that!

  8. Love the blog title – so true!

  9. Love them all! The shoes are soooo cute!


  10. i love the disco bracelet!! kate spade is always a classic go to for me!

  11. Ok I am in LUST w the pink shoes

  12. I love all things that glitter as well. I’m going to ask Santa to bring me everything I see in this post, it’s all to fabulous to leave anything out 🙂

  13. Ummmm. Does Don Draper glitter? 😉 hehe

  14. LOVE the bag…naturally, duh!! =)