“You Look Beautiful, No, No Really.”

My sorority sister once told me of a guy who was hitting on her and uttered the titled phrase in a thick foreign accent in one complete sentence and breath. Insincerity was never so charming. It became a catch phrase between us.

I’ve found some products that sincerely can have an impact on beauty.
Yes, yes, really!

Origins A Perfect World Facial Cleanser – antioxidant with white tea

I came across this line as I was looking for Dr. Andrew Weil’s line. The cleanser is concentrated so it will last a long time. It smells great and does not dry out my skin in the least. I have now replaced my long time favorite Philosophy’s Purity and will never go back.

and speaking of Dr. Weil ~

I also bought this:
Plantidote Mega- Mushroom Eye Makeup Remover Pads

LOVE them! Non-oily and soothing with no irritation for me. Takes off mascara, everything. One pad per eye and one extra between both eyes just to make sure.

Dr. Weil Skin Care Collection

  • Cleanser – haven’t tried it yet but the reviews are great.
  • Face Serum – LOVE, love, love
  • Face Cream – good for me at night but I also see a difference on the back of my hands since I also use it there.
Thank you Mizz for sending me StriVectin Neck Cream to try out.

Non-greasy, great texture and virtually no smell. Note to younger women ~ use sunscreen on your DĂ©colletage! Freckles may look cute when you’re younger but you know what they say…”a tan is just another word for sun damage.”

I also love Dr. Denese’s products.

The Advanced Facial Firming Pads are the best to exfoliate every morning and night. All of her products that I have tried, and there have been many, I find effective and great. She sells them through her own website and through QVC.

Just thought I’d share my finds today since I love reading what other people have to say about their favorite products.

Have a beautiful day! 🙂

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  1. These products sound wonderful!

    Love the “chat-up” line….very funny!

  2. Thanks Pink! I just ran out of cleanser and use Origins makeup, I’m off to buy your recommendation!