The Lost Symbol and Personal Commentary

So what do you think?

I was completely captivated with the Da Vinci Code but did not read Angels and Demons. However, I did see both movies and although I did enjoy Da Vinci more neither one rocked my world. As they say, I could have waited for the DVD.

After being so literature deprived lately, I rushed out on the day The Lost Symbol was released to pick it up. I was so anxious to get another page turner that I found Da Vinci to be.

I am on page 157, Chapter 38, and finally something has happened to keep the story going. So far I am slightly disappointed but I am hopeful it will blossom into a memorable read.

The last book I spent my time and money on was Queen Takes King by Gigi L. Grazer of The Trophy Wife fame. It sits in my donation pile in the garage not even half read. I couldn’t even get through it. Unless you like the ‘f’ word constantly thrown at you and confused characters you might pass on it.

Which brings me to this point – I loathe being surprised by the ‘f’ word in print and music. I bought a CD by Vampire Weekend, the day before we took son2 to college. I like to buy a new CD when we are doing something memorable so when we hear that music we can always say, ‘remember when we did this or went there’. Anyway, we were listening to the CD running errands together really enjoying it and getting into the beat and BOOM, there it is.. and again… and again. Changed the whole tone of our last mother/son alone time outing. It made us both uncomfortable. Even my beloved James Taylor blind sided me on one of his CDs. I never would have expected this from my sweet baby James. It was a road trip and the boys were young and I manually skipped the track every time it came on. I have never heard the ‘f’ word add anything to a song or to a story. It took me awhile to forgive James, but then again we had a prior relationship that began with Mud Slide Slim and The Blue Horizon in 8th grade so I allowed him one goof.

I thought CD’s were supposed to have a ‘Sanitized For Your Protection’ label on them.
Didn’t Tipper Gore lead the crusade on this?

Even with the slower pace of Dan Brown’s book I will say it is nice not to have read one foul word.
Refreshing really.

A man’s character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation.
………………………………. Mark Twain

I am looking for my next good read.
Anything out there?

“Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” (blog worthy) ~ Vampire Weekend (still love this group and the sound)
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  1. I can email you my list of what I’ve read this summer. I have enjoyed every single book. Many are not new. They are books that I had and didn’t have time to read cause all the reading I ever did was for my students!! Want it? Many are NOT intellectual 😉 just fun and funny reads. Some do have profanity including the F bomb . . . let me know!!

  2. P101 ~ I would love the list.. The F bomb is fine. I just get weary of it since it seems to be almost a mainstream word now, you know? Thank you so much for sending it to me. xoxo

  3. I have a book blog if you want to have a look!

  4. Keep us posted. I’m curious to know if the book is worth reading or not.

  5. honestly A.P. read the twilight series! they are just a simple read and will totally captivate you! im thinking of passing my copies on to grandma, becasue i think she will like to read them too…i was pleasantly surprised when jennifer and my friends showed up at the theatre opening night (thinking we would be the oldest there) and found tons of other people the same age and OLDER standing in line camping out!! =) and no, they were not with their children!! haha…so the 4 books are a must read by me!!