Once A Mom Waiting For The Phone To Ring…

Welcome to college.
Son1 has the flu. 🙁
They are requesting many kids return home to stop the spread.
The first week of class. Ugh!I had just finished talking with him on the phone and was listening to how horrible he sounded and how miserable he is feeling today. So hard to hear. Anyway, being at work I turned my attention to retrieving the the phone messages from our service.One read:
Trying to get a hold of your wife.
Your son
had a bathroom accident and needs a change of clothes.


What you see in red is what my brain read first.
Then my heart started racing!
Then the other stuff kicked in…
This is weird….
I realized this was a message for an employee with a pre-schooler.

I had a good laugh and almost had an accident myself!

Note: The daycare incident was taken care of and everything was fine.

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  1. HaHaHa… That’s what I read too, too funny!

    Sorry he has the flu. Communal living, the germs spread fast. Will he come back home?

  2. They were saying on the news tonight that the flu is running rampant on college campuses. They expect this to reach epidemic proportions, which is just plain scary! I hope son #2 will be okay. What a rotten way to start your freshman year of college!!!!!

  3. I hope your son is feeling better…scary hope it’s not the swine!

  4. Keep a close eye on him, they are taking this very serious. I hope he is feeling better. I work in a school and they aren’t messing around with this flue stuff right now. Good luck.


  5. The Flu, any flu is awful- poor baby.
    As for the phone message, remember when THAT was a big deal? Although if it were a grown son having a “bathroom accident”… I guess THAT would be a VERY big deal. LOL

  6. Hope your son gets better soon!

  7. Thank you girlfriends for your blog support and emails. He feels he is getting better but his chest is wheezy. I am standing by not wanting to be a helicopter mom but I am willing to take him off campus for the weekend and sequester him for some good sleep and healthy food. But he says ‘NO’! If it wasn’t the flu I wouldn’t be so concerned. I am hoping he has turned the corner. His room mate is feeling better too. 🙂

  8. Roommate? I thought he was in a triple!
    I remember those days so well, then he got a girlfriend and the messages became “____ is taking good care of me”. The Mommie heart really sinks then!
    Hang in there Auntie M … don’t forget we’re in this together!