I Need A Facelift!

…for my blog.

I’m cleaning house literally and figuratively and need a change.
I love the look of so many other blogs out there.
My problem is two-fold, since I love so many styles it is difficult for me to commit to just one look and I don’t know how to do anything technical.
So I remain stuck.

Does anyone have any ideas?
How do you add nice spacers between posts?
I want to add more pictures after I learn how to scan them.
How do you make a collage?
Where do you find all these fun widgets to use?
How do you make nice boxes or frames around pictures in the sidebars?

I have found nothing in the Blogger help forms.
My 200th post will be here before I know it and I thought this might be a fun goal for me to work on.

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  1. I wish I could help ya out, but I am really excited to see some of the feedback you get! Good luck with the new look, cant wait to see it = )

  2. Your is gonna look great! I make my collages using Picasa through Google. I think you can also use Photo Shop but I don’t have that. Sometimes you can get the widget by linking to a widget on someone else’s blog. I get mine from blogger. I do have a countdown widget on my daughter’s private wedding blog, but I found it by googling for it I think! I’m not much help! But can’t wait to see it. xoxo

  3. I use Picnik.com for my collages. I also use http://www.cutestblogontheblock.com
    it’s free and they have alot of cute templetes.

  4. Lady Kate says:

    A good goal to have the change for your 200th….but don’t look to me for help!

    Now…if you have a gardening question….

  5. Well, I’m no help since I paid someone to do mine, LOL!

  6. Take a look at Shabby Blogs, she’s great at explaining and has a ton of new backgrounds for 2 and 3 columns, and it’s free. She also has dividers you can use if you don’t know how to make your own. It’s all about inserting it into the code in the right place.
    And… if you decide you want a new header just let me know and I’ll help!
    For my collages I use Picasa, it’s on my computer.

  7. I know how to do some of the tricks for the Blogs.

    Here is my blog let me know if there is something you like and I can explaina s best I can to you.


  8. I might be able to help you out!

    Here is my blog- Decoaurora.blogspot.com

    Anything you see that you like let me know and I can try to help you put it on your blog too.