Wedding Decorations Dress Rehearsal…

Just a quick update on the decorations dress rehearsal…
I chose from stacks and stacks of paper rosettes I made and brought one set to play with for the prototype.This is what I decided on. The additional larger sizes worked out great. I will flip the tails of the ribbons over to hang on the right side. These will go on 12 interior doors of the ballroom.

The groom-to-be approving one of the two entry doors to the villa.
Today (since it’s 3 AM) is set-up then we’re off to the races!


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  1. OMG these are beautiful!!

  2. WOW! Well done! Those look fabulous. Have fun!

  3. You have done a fabulous job for your so very lucky niece!! xoxo

  4. They look sooooo gooooooddd! Way to go!

  5. So pretty. Very eyecatching! Well done.

  6. Those are amazing… very summery!

  7. YOu are freakin’ amazing. Will you be my aunt?