“Ponyskin? Naaaaaay!!!”

Part of my shopping success this weekend included these pretty pink patent shoes.

They also match my pink patent Lilly bag perfectly although I’m not likely to pair them together but I could. I also bought a pair in a matte muted gold almost like a tarnished silver. I am loving the square toe. For $69.00, why not buy two? With my cropped white jeans I also bought this weekend? Lovin’ that too.

In the Kate Spade store (I love how everything is displayed) she is showing the same square toed flat design. It is not pictured on the website however. Very cute with a gold name plate on the heal (too much for me) and the price is also too much for me. One Kate shoe I was drawn to was this one until….

…. I read it was made from ponyskin? Really? Ponyskin? That sounds so awful. I don’t recall ever hearing before about young horse hides being used for anything. So I did some research – yep, ponyskin is used and that really bothers me for some reason.

I rarely give leather a thought. I especially love my patent pieces but I haven’t eaten veal since I was a teenager after seeing a documentary on the treatment of calves. I also do not eat lamb. Yes, I am a carnivore and that seems hypocritical and I wrestle with that from time to time but there was something in that word ponyskin that really turned me off. Amazing how a little research will do that to a person.

Are you ever conflicted?

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  1. Seriously doubt these KS shoes are really made from pony skin. Most things labelled pony are really cow/calf skin. If you’ve ever touched a horse you can feel the difference.

    There are some high end items made with horse hide, but not at this price point!

  2. Love those square-toed pink shoes!! So cute.

  3. i agree with you, not too crazy about the idea of ponies being butchered to make shoes.. however, i am crazy about those pink shoes, too cute!

  4. Anytime I read about the treatment of chickens, cattle, lambs, etc. I have 2nd thoughts about eating meat. Even the thought of lobster being put into that boiling water. But that always seems to pass. When i taught juniors, we read The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. There was always at least one student who became a vegetarian after reading that book!

  5. Ponyskin?? Really? Kinda nasty… but those shoes are very cute! 🙂

  6. Cute shoes are they comfortable? Yeah the word Ponyskin would bother me too.

  7. LOVE the pink flats…/

  8. Love both shoes. I don’t know that ponyskin or leopard is a good visual when pondering what my shoes are made of…
    What type animal is patent leather? Kidding of course!