Just Icing On The … Wedding Cookie Favors!

Say hello to my little friends…initial wedding cookie favors

…and to 125 of their closest friends. Ta-da! Fini!initial wedding cookie favors
… and a HUGE Thank you to my wonderful friend and expert cello bag stuffer, Suzi who single handedly assembled the cookie favors for me over 2 nights with many, many hours devoted to this while I glued together the rosettes. This took us much longer than we had expected even with the ribbon already cut and most of the bags pre-stuffed with paper. I could not have finished this project tonight if it weren’t for you.

You are a super trooper!

“Super Trooper” – Abba
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  1. LOVE them. they look YUMMY!

  2. Perfectly beautiful. You are amazing!! xoxo

  3. L must also be for Lovely! What amazingly delicious cookies these must be!

  4. They turned out so so cute!!

  5. They look great!

  6. Those are gorgeous!!! You did a phenomenal job!

  7. Those are spectacular — and clearly filled with tons o’ love! I am in awe ….

  8. You’re going to be the talk of the wedding…. so spectacular! Have a great time at the wedding after all of your hard work.

  9. Wow those see amazing!

  10. These as well as the rosettes look AMAXING! You could go in to business missy!

  11. Those are ADORABLE!!

  12. Those look great. I love the colors. Great idea. Happy Friday to you! Have a great weekend!

  13. Lady Kate says:

    Everything looks wonderful, and I know the wedding will be a huge success! When you recover, we will all want pics and stories!

  14. Quite the undertaking Auntie Pink! Between the cookies and the rosettes, the orange and yellow decor must have looked fabulous!
    I hope you all had a wonderful time at the wedding this weekend. Looking forward to seeing the photos!

  15. OMG! These are TOO DIE FOR! I am so in love with them, and so inspired to try them for my daughter’s birthday party. We’re doing a ladybug theme, so wouldn’t these be precious done in red with black polka dots? Ooh! I’m so excited! Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  16. What size cookie cutter did you use for these?

  17. Hi AH88 – I didn’t use a cutter per se but hand cut each one from a template I just drew out on poster paper. From the tip of the top of the ‘L’ to the bottom tip on a diagonal it was the span of my pinkie to my thumb. I like to make the cookies big ~ why not? I was lucky to have a flat spatula that worked well instead of using a knife. I liked the larger surface to work with. I will be posting the recipe and tips either today or tomorrow. I am so glad that you are aspiring to make them for your party. Please feel free to email me too if you like if I can answer any questions for you. 🙂

  18. Hi! You’ve got beautiful creations! I’m so happy when I found your blog. I’m starting to decorate cookies myself.

    Where do you buy those colored papers you use for stuffing your bags?

  19. Lala ~ It’s called sizzle pack and I buy it wholesale but any party store has some kind of shredded paper used for box fillers. Good luck with your cookies! 🙂