Heather & Will’s Wedding Weekend.

The rehearsal.
The bride entered from behind these doors in Vera Wang less than 24 hours from this moment.A place for everyone…

… and everyone in their place.

As the rehearsal was under way, son2 and I were just finishing hanging the rosettes.

Mr. P. Martini came just in time to supervise the job and take the luggage to the Westin since my car was full of decorations when I left in the morning.

L.L. Bean tote bag, paper cutter, cutting mat, scissors, glue gun, glue sticks, 3 kinds of tape of various size and stickiness, spools upon spools of ribbon, x-acto knife, thumb tacks, templates, stapler, extra paper ~ don’t leave home without it.

I loved being in Pasadena for the weekend.
I drove past many of my old haunts where it felt like being home again.
The rehearsal dinner was hosted by Will’s gracious and welcoming parents at the Green Street Tavern where everything was in abundant supply ~ delicious food, intoxicating wines, friendship, incriminating stories and hugs. One thing that Will and Heather made a point of was incorporating beloved grandparents into the celebration of the weekend whether with us in person or in spirit. They talked about them personally over the toasts of this night and at the wedding reception. You could feel that they were with us sharing the happiness of the day.The Wedding Day.

Heather and her brother, Colin before the ceremony.

Heather had two family heirlooms given to her for her wedding day.
Both old and borrowed.
Her maternal grandmother had worn this cameo on her wedding day as her mom had and even one of her aunt’s. I placed it in her bouquet of calla lilies. It draped beautifully when she angled her flowers as she walked down the aisle.

The other keepsake was my mother’s platinum wedding ring which I also wore on my wedding day 25 years ago. You can see Heather wearing it on the following pictures of the ceremony.

The view from the balcony.

Guests were beginning to arrive and the runner was in place to be rolled out. The ceremony took place from the comfort of the guests sitting at their tables with cold, refreshing drinks served before the music began. I was told by the villa staff that this was the first time a wedding had been set up like this. So avante garde!

The procession begins to the lilting sounds of a Scottish fiddle.

The beautiful mother-0f-the-bride, Janice and her son.

The guests anxiously await the entrance of the bride and her father though the doors.
The doors were closed momentarily after the wedding party passed through which only heightened the excitement.
I was unable to capture this exact moment of their entrance where I was positioned but I also wanted to capture Will’s expression.

Will sees his bride for the first time on this special day.
Together at last and very happy about it.
Will’s father sang a song from Brigadoon,
“Waitin’ For My Dearie.”
A truly special gift for the couple.
Heather and Will each wrote their own vows.
It was very emotional for both of them and for all the guests.
The eloquent expression of their love touched everyone.

With this ring…

I thee wed.

The beaming… Mr. and Mrs. William Lewis

Let the party begin!Cookie favors for every guest and individual wedding cakes on every table.
Heather & Will listen to one of many witty and emotional toasts.

The bride’s brother, Colin, just a newlywed himself 6 weeks ago, gave a toast welcoming Will into the clan.

Will’s brother gave a sage piece of advice ~
“Happy wife. Happy life.”

All husbands know this for the absolute truth it is.

My brother, Ian, has always been a man of few words but what he says is meaningful and most heartfelt.

It was very hard for him to contain the love for his little girl as his voice gave his emotions away.

When he addressed his daughter by the special name that he only calls her, Heather’s heart overflowed and tears easily flowed.

The bride glances over to her husband during one of the many toasts.

Their sweetheart’s table had their own cake decorated with their initials slanted so everyone could see. Lovely in chocolate-mint, the groom’s favorite.

As the groom was about to feed his bride a piece of the cake, she was heard repeating the best man’s sage advice…

… ‘Happy wife, happy life’.
He proved he was indeed a gentleman.

They’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day…
Auntie “The Cake Lady” Carole, cousin Scott, son2 and MOB dancing to “My Girl”.

Other tunes that rocked the ballroom were
“Return of the Mack”
“Single Ladies” (Heather re-enacted Beyonce’s every move)
“American Boy” (clean version)
“Thriller” (bride’s man Tom and BU Ninja’s did MJ proud)
Of course, Francis Albert Sinatra also made his appearance.

It was a warm but enchanted evening at the villa.

Fans in orange and yellow were fluttering well into the night under the golden glow of the lanterns and sparkling candlelight.

The table that was empty could be found here:

Time flies when the honeymoon is waiting…

The bride ascends the beautiful staircase to throw a bouquet to ‘all the single ladies.’
She chose stems of a simple yet beautiful and fragrant white stock where we wrapped it in satin yellow ribbon.
It bounced off the chandelier to outstretched arms and into one lucky lady’s hands.

Off to the Pacific Islands …
Best wishes for a very long, healthy, and happy life together.

Take care of our girl, Will. 🙂

“Single Ladies” – Beyonce

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  1. Everything was so beautiful! You missed your calling. I can see you are the true “wedding planner”. Heather made a very lovely bride. Thanks for sharing all of the beautiful photos.
    P.S. The cookies are stunning!!!!!:-)

  2. Your rosettes and cookies both looked fabulous. You sure put a lot of love into this wedding! I’m sure your hard work was very much appreciated. It looked like a beautiful day and a good time for all. Thanks for sharing!

  3. OH, Miss Pink Martini – you did such a fab job making her day so special!! Lovely wedding!! xoxo

  4. Everything looked great!

  5. All of these pictures are just gorgeous. Your hard work really paid off. As I read this post, I felt like I had been to the wedding.

  6. Congrats to the happy couple!! Everything looked amazing!! Good Job Auntie!

  7. Lady Kate says:

    Thank you for sharing all the wonderful, emotional moments and pictures. Everything looked beautiful!
    So what is the next event you are planning?

  8. beautiful bride, beautiful wedding.
    tears in my eyes during daddy’s toast and I wasn’t even there! Thanks for making me feel as though i were.
    Now you can relax for a couple of days until you get the boys off?

  9. I cheerfully admit to checking in since Sunday to see if you’d posted anything about the wedding. It was truly lovely, and thank you for sharing. Mazel Tov to the happy couple.

  10. go auntie pasta go!!! =) the wedding looked FAB!!! i cant wait to announce a date so we can start brain storming and have my wedding blogged about!! =) heather is absolutely beautiful! i havent seen her in such a long time! =( i have been checking since sunday for pics!! glad to finally check them out! love it! see you soon…

  11. Thank you all for taking the time to comment with such nice things to say. Your thoughtfulness means a lot to me. xoxo

  12. Omigosh! Finally, the big wedding! It looks like everything went off without a hitch. The colors & cookies & decorations were absolutely beautiful. You did a fabulous job and I’m sure she loves her aunt more than ever…

    Happy Wife… Happy Life. Must tell hubby this!

  13. I feel like I was at the wedding! Beautiful! Heather was a stunning bride and the decos and favors are so pretty! Like my husband says, “If Miss Janice ain’t happy, nobody’s happy!”

  14. This is what your wedding looks like when your aunt is a rock star! I’m the luckiest girl ever. 🙂