Weekend Update #2 – Wedding Table Settings

After the villa, it was on to another Martha project my niece is incorporating into the table decorations. It’s a is a grid of ribbon surrounding the table’s cake. Each table will have it’s own mini wedding cake as I posted about last week. They will sit on a yellow wooden square bordered by the ribbons.Since we had the bride for the morning, I asked my s.i.l. if we could get the same sized table and do a mock up to get the spacing right. This way we also figured out how much ribbon we will need and if this was going to work out or not. We went to her church since they had the same sized tables the caterers will be using and used the churches dishes and glasses to fill in.This is our mock up, or at least 2 sides of it with the ribbon we had.

wedding guest tables decorations samplesWe will be using all grosgrain since it is heavier and it lays down well but we will adhere the ribbons together with fabri-tac so glasses coming and going on the table won’t disrupt the pattern. The corners are not cut accurately since there was another appointment we had to get to but we made notes to the proper proportions. We used packing tape to quickly laminate the arrangement to use as a visual template.

We also decided to see how the cookies looked at the place setting or if we should have them in a another location. The decision was to place them on the plates. Heather loved the size, color and the pearlized luster dust I brushed on giving them a sparkly glow.

wedding guest tables decorations samples
There is the saying to throw money at a situation since it pays for the freedom of your time but I cannot say enough how amid all the excitement and emotions it is a blessing and joy to have this moment to share with my family. We have talked and seen eachother more in the past month than we probably have in the last couple of years. What has been truly special is experiencing together the dreams of someone whom we love taking shape and becoming real to her.

As the Master Card commercial says “Priceless.”

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  1. Thhis is truly a special wedding indeed!