Wedding Cookies.

The bride has a distinct vision of what she doesn’t want ~ ‘no bows, hearts or bells.’ ‘Nothing wedding-y.’ She envisions a party atmosphere casually and comfortably celebrating with those she loves. Her vivid colors of orange and yellow will be paired with round and square shapes that will be echoed in the cakes that will grace everyone’s table. Her highly talented aunt on the other side of the family has offered her gifts with icing and fondant. They will be spectacular, I’m certain.My niece liked a few ideas I put out there a while back, and especially liked an idea of making an initial cookie for their last name. After giving this some more thought, I knew any kind of a pattern or tartan would be lost on a linear surface so I decided to incorporate her circle theme into the cookie using her vibrant colors giving it a 60’s retro flair that is also seen in the paper rosettes.

After a few incarnations late, late at night…

initial wedding cookie favors… and with the flexibility of choosing the base cookie icing color, dots color, outline color and sizzle pack color, the bride has chosen two:

initial wedding cookie favors1. White background~yellow outline~orange sizzle pack.

initial wedding cookie favors2. White background~orange outline (imagine)~yellow sizzle pack.

I love the polka dot ribbon on the yellow paper and hopefully I can find the opposite combo to use for the orange paper.

I printed the tag on textured water color paper that is embossed with tiny squares and put a square border around the text. The text is ‘Heather’, the bride’s name. If I could find ‘Hammie Pie’ I would use it. 😉

The good news is Heather loves the cookies and I am so glad because I feel they will fit in perfectly to her theme. We might alternate the cookie colors per place setting or group them by tables but we can figure out what looks best as we’re setting up.

So with the cookies, cakes, and rosettes all decided upon, we can move ahead.
Good job ‘locking and loading’, HP!

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  1. Those are adorable!

  2. Lookin’ good PM! When do you start production? Keep um’ in a cool dry place so your artwork and hardwork stay true inside those little bags!

  3. These came out so beautifully!

  4. Those are so terrific. I love them! So eye-catching! Is the wedding on Aug. 15? My b-day! 🙂
    Great job as usual P.M.

  5. those are great and look delicious!

  6. I love these!

  7. Love them and boy do you have your work cut out for you.Good Job Auntie!

  8. Just Right! You are the type of woman I want my daughters to have as a mother-in-law!
    Now that’s a compliment:)

  9. The cookies are just fabulous!

    It reminds of when we went to the wedding of a friends’ daughter and as wedding favors they gave us little boxes of Godiva chocolates that had their initial. Everyone loved them!

    Looks like you’re making great progress!

  10. Love Love these sooo stinkin cute!


  11. These are darling! Goodluck on your ribbon hunt. I would actually try Michael’s as I am almost certain they carry the combo you are in need of.

  12. I LOVE what you came up with! They are a great idea–and I love how she didn’t want anything wedding-y.

    For ribbon maybe Hobby Lobby or Michaels? If you can’t find any let me know and I can check out our stores here 🙂

  13. Those are adorable! Simple, classy, and cute!

  14. Zowie Maui fabulous cookies!! They so remind me of Elenis in NYC.
    I’d hate to eat it…well for a moment.
    This is fun having wedding updates.
    Your are one gracious lady to help out.

  15. Simply darling!