Summer Weddings: Round 2

It took me two days to recover from the wedding this past week. I slept all the way on the drive home until we hit LA and stopped at Philippe’s for dinner then continued sleeping off and on all day Sunday. One thing I have learned and I have been sharing this advice with family and friends so they know next time ~ friends do not let friends do ‘the lawnmower’ dance under any circumstances.

Anyway, with my nephew’s wedding, like SO last week, we are on to the next one scheduled for August. Here is where it will take place. Does it look familiar at all? It is the sorority house of Elle Woods or at least the location of the fictitious sorority in Legally Blonde.

I am meeting my s.i.l. up here this week to look the place over. My ‘job’, which I love and am in all my glory, is to help her with decorating ideas and logistics. My niece has some ideas from MS Weddings she would like to incorporate into her day and I’m going to help her assess the possibilities. Uh, I did mention that my niece lives in San Francisco?

This is where the dinner will take place. She will have bistro lights and paper lanterns. I also suggested hanging ribbon from a few of the lanterns for movement. I thought it would be very pretty in the early evening breeze.

My gift to my niece are decorated iced cookies I’ll be making for favors to be placed at each setting. Her colors are very bright and lively ~ just like her. They are orange and yellow. I’ll be making up some prototype cookies for her approval and will be posting them soon. After showing her my sketches at her brother’s wedding last week, she likes the idea of one large letter and placing a tartan on it in her colors.
 Perhaps I’ll print a family tartan on edible paper with edible inks but I like the texture of piped icing. My favorite idea is to cover the cookie with white chocolate and paint a pattern of lovely translucent cocoa butter colored stripes that would intersect and blend. I would also paint ultra thin lines of gold to add some luminescence in the pattern but Sun + Chocolate + August + Afternoon + Outdoors = Disaster.
I know I will definitely nestle the cookie in orange sizzle pack the hue of sherbet and place in a cello bag tied with two tones of organza silk ribbon or grosgrain if it doesn’t look too heavy. A tag will be attached with the bride and groom’s name and date.

I would love to hear your suggestions and ideas.

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  1. Sounds wonderful! You are a brave women to take on the cookies! Good luck!

  2. wow, it will be gorgeous!!!!

  3. I am incredibly impressed with your cooking-baking skills! If I can get a break and bake set out of the oven without burning any of them, I have accomplished something worth sending a press release out about.

  4. You should not do the shopping cart dance either…never ever…

  5. Poolside – Uh, too late. My cart is full. 🙂

  6. Your so funny! What a beautiful place to have a wedding!!!! I love it. And your cookies–that is wonderful. You are very talented you know? Have a great night!

  7. I am so wishing you were in Tennessee making cookies for us to give as favors for PD’s wedding!! xoxo

  8. LOVE THAT!! So cute and classy! San Fran is so gorgeous, have fun!!