I postponed my trip since my last minute ticket purchase cost me twice as much as I thought it was going to. I lost $200 on the cancellation fee but we will plan to go in in late August. Son2 is fine with it as now he can join his peeps at midnight tomorrow for the new Harry Potter movie. He read all the books so he wants to see the series through. They already have their tickets which is good because the first showing has long been sold out. I heard they are arriving at 9 to stake out their claim in line. I did that once in my life, in the 80’s – Star Trek. James T. Kirk and I go back to the 60’s together. Of course, I was a mere child.
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  1. I am so excited for HP too! your son is lucky he is going to the midnight showing!

  2. How lucky to be able to go to the midnight showing! I am counting down the hours until this opens…I’m so excited.

  3. I am ridiculously excited about the new HP movie!