“Is This An Ice Cream Question?”

Years ago Mr. P. M. was reading an article about women and how we are not as straight forward in asking for what we want as men are. In the article it used this example:

While driving with her husband, the wife wanted to stop at the road side ice cream stand but instead of telling her husband to stop there for her she said to him, “If you want to stop for an ice cream that would be okay.”

For some reason this stuck with us and when one of us makes a statement like this, (usually me, so perhaps the article is correct), Mr. P. M. will ask, “Is this is an ice cream question?” But I do notice more times than not it tends to factor ice cream or frozen yogurt into the equation.

Maybe as women when we are feeling guilty for something we really want and know we shouldn’t necessarily indulge in we seek out support but manipulate the outcome making someone else seem responsible for the decision.

Hmmm. Deep thoughts.
I’ll have to ponder this over a double scoop of rocky road.

Have a delicious weekend!

“Ice Cream” – New Young Pony Club
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  1. This made me giggle becaue we have a very similar issue involving ice cream! I will say hey we should get a scoop or do you want a little ice cream after dinner or whatever. Then he will say right now? No silly I meant next week, of course right now or I wouldn’t have brought it up! Then when he doesn’t want any then I get stubborn and loose out! Your post was a good lesson for me!

  2. This is SO true!! As my hubby says as he shakes his head “Womens”. I’m better now and I’ll actually say “We NEED a reward”…which means, let’s go get Ben & Jerry’s!! 🙂

  3. I will join you in the pondering session with my own bowl of Rocky Road – my favorite ice cream flavor! 😉

  4. I love this post. You make such a good point, and really I’ve never thought about it until now. I am a die hard dessert fan, I always want ice cream, but thank goodness I have some self control! I always tell my bf that we should stop for ice cream in different ways so that he doesn’t think that every time we are in the car, I’m begging him to take me to get ice cream.

  5. If he is debating between a few items on a menu, I often encourage Hubby to order something I’d love a bite or two of! *LOL*

  6. You are so funny, I ask questions like that all the time! Yes, it is an ice cream and I love ice cream!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, and will keep you posted on my road trip.

  7. You are right on point here Miss Pink Martini!! {As usual}!! xoxo

  8. You are so funny… self control is hard when it comes to dessert!

  9. When I want it I ask whomever to pull over. After all the crap I went through & came out the other side alive & wiser I’ve realized…life is too short to play games or beat a round the bush!!!!