Destination: Wedding Report


My nephew’s wedding was beautiful. It was at the Edna Vineyards on the central coast of California. It was a true destination wedding as everyone had to travel to attend. The bride is a graduate of a university nearby and had always wished to be married there. This was one of many wishes that came true for her this day.We begin the day before for the rehearsal and the arrival of guests. A house was rented for the groomsmen and their wives to stay in and it was where the rehearsal dinner took place. The bride-to-be and groom-to-be on the deck at sunset.

We bought the bride a little gift to welcome her into the clan.

The last photo of my brother’s nuclear family of 4.

The Wedding Day.

My sister-in-law, my niece and I went and had our mani/pedis and stopped by the groomsmen house to pick up some left overs from the night before to take back with us for lunch where they were staying. My s.i.l had just leaned in to give her son a kiss. The groom appeared to be very relaxed. I had also told him that I saw a lot of his in-laws-to-be at breakfast so I opened my cell phone and pretended to be on the phone and was said loudly, “What do you mean you can’t find the groom!” But they knew I was kidding. The groom thought it was great.

When guests arrived at the vineyard…

…there were lovely flowers on the cocktail tables outside while we sipped lemonade and anticipated the beginning of the ceremony.

My brother, the father of the groom, wore this unusual orchid on his lapel.

The communion table was prepared for the bride and groom. They wanted this to be their first shared moment as husband and wife.

The groom sees his bride in the distance for the first time.

During one point in the ceremony the minister conveyed the thankfulness of both the bride and groom to their parents. While the minister spoke of their feelings my nephew looked directly at his parents with such love and gratitude expressed in his eyes. At another time they both went over to their respective parents and gave them hugs. It was such an intimate moment between them I was hesitant to take this picture.




As they shared communion her veil softly drifted over to embrace him.

The bride’s bouquet.

A final prayer.

The new Mr. & Mrs. with their parents.

The day after…
…we gathered at a bed and breakfast my brother and his wife frequent and had a BBQ before we headed back for the drive home. The chef on the right is Mr. P. Martini. The chef on the left is marrying my niece in 6 weeks. Yes, the same family! Can you imagine two weddings in the same family 6 weeks apart? This truly is ‘The Summer of Love.’

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  1. Gorgeous! I love weddings they always make me cry! Your pictures really captured the beauty of such a special day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh my gosh! I have tears in my eyes! what a lovingly illustrated tribute you have posted.

  3. What fun times! We have 3 family weddings coming up starting in October and I can’t wait.
    Great pics and a beautiful post, as always!

  4. What an absolutely beautiful wedding!

    I just found your blog and wanted to stop by and say hello – I’m a new blogger and wanted to say I love your blog!

  5. Hello! Looks like a picture perfect day and moment!!

  6. Lady Kate says:

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful wedding with us all! My favorite picture is the veil drifting to embrace the groom….that should be blown up for the couple. But you didn’t tell us what you wore….shoes? accessories? Common…give us more details!

  7. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing. Glad you had a fun and sunny day/weekend.

  8. Beautiful post!!
    Did you take the photographs?
    Im photographing my first wedding next month. Eeeks! Im nervous!

  9. What a fabulous wedding! It looks like you have a very close family. How beautiful!

  10. What a beautiful tribute you posted! The wedding looked wonderful, with great pictures. The bride and groom are beautiful, and look very much in love. What a great looking family too!
    I hope you had a nice weekend.

  11. Love & frolic the entire summer….what a lovely way to spend it!!!
    Great fun & thanks for sharing!!!

  12. If you weren’t the weddings photographer in an official capacity, they are going to wish you were! Stunning! Also, I have an award waiting for you on my site. Cheers xoxo

  13. Thank you for the very nice comments regarding my photography. I think anyone can do anything with a good seat (second row) and a telephoto lens. But really, with such beautiful subjects, how could I go wrong? 😉

  14. What gorgeous pictures!! I LOVE the one of the groom when he sees his bride… such a tender moment that a lot of people miss.