Sonic Boom Felt In ‘The OC!’

The first Sonic in South Orange County has opened. I have never been to one and have only seen the commercials on TV. This one is on a lot the size of a postage stamp and people are so enthralled with it that they are parking two streets up in a Target lot, walking to this place and standing in line outside of the restaurant.

For any SoCal gals out there in the Pasadena area there will never be another drive-in like Twoheys on the corner of Huntington Dr. and Atlantic Blvd. It has been in business for 66 years.

(He is crying because it is the ‘Home of the little Stinko’ – a burger with onions)

They have THE BEST onion rings EVER!
None I have ever had even come close.
The elder Mr. Twohey once told me they were made with special onions and cracker meal.
Flaky, light, and greasy where the salt sticks and the onions are thick!
Really, does PMS food get any better than this?

They were also known for their frosted rootbeers (like rootbeer and ice cream blended together), #2 hamburgers and scooner cup hot fudge sundaes (bittersweet or milk choco)!

Oh yeah. This is what I’m talkin’ about!
For you hot caramel fans out there.

At least 5 highs schools used to peacefully assemble after football games at the drive-in. Then they tore down the drive-in, sold 1/2 the property or leased it out to In n’ Out Burger and built another building that never had the same warmth or charm eventhough it was three times as large. Often times bigger is not better unless we’re talkin’ hot fudge sundaes.

Nothing will replace Twoheys in my heart or fat cells (it is still in the same location as are my fat cells) but I am willing to give Sonic a try eventhough it’s a chain.

I am so hating my NutriSystem existence right now.

What is the Sonic draw?
What is it that you would recommend that is a must have?

UPDATE: We came. We saw. We conquered. We were disappointed.
Whoever heard of a drive-in where you press a button to place your order and are not greeted by a live waiter or waitress? 45 minutes later our BAGGED burgers arrived – cold. Granted, it has been a few years since I have been to a real drive-in but if I wanted take-out to eat in my car, I would have stood in line to speak to that speaker box instead. I was expecting the tray on the side of my car, china and our drinks in glasses. I cannot get over the fact we were handed our food in bags. This is not even close to an authentic drive-in experience. I will n-e-v-e-r go back again no matter how good the ice is.

Oh. By the way, in the above pictures taken at Twohey’s, when they had their drive-in the onion rings and all food came to you on Buffalo china plates and the sundae in the glass schooner. You turned your lights on when you were ready to order or when you needed something. The cars faced eachother on either side of a long island where the fountain treats paraded their way past your car. This was added entertainment in itself and the best marketing I have ever seen. Something that is totally absent by using a bag.

“Cheese Burger In Paradise” – Jimmy Buffet
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  1. Never been but love the commercials!

  2. Lady Kate says:

    Oh, how cruel to remind me of Twohey’s! As a SoCal gal myself, Twohey’s was a favorite hang out and began my artery clogging addiction to burgers and fries. Let’s see, I’ll have a double cheeseburger, extra onions and a chocolate malt….

  3. Oh, Sonic. Lucky you! We have one here just down the street from the airport and I like to make Sonic my first stop upon flying home for a burger, fries and shake!
    One thing we don’t have here (Central Illinois), sadly, is In-and-Out Burger. Gee I miss that place.

  4. Love Sonic!! Their onion rings are delicious – wonderful comfort food! I also like the chili dog – but I have to admit – my visits to Sonic are FEW. just too much grease, salt, and fat! But oh it is so GOOD!! They also have wonderful shakes!

  5. We have several Sonics in ATL but none particularly close to us. I have only eaten Sonic once and I went safe with cheeseburger and fries. I have had their Diet Coke with lime and it was OK. I hear Diet Coke with Vanilla is awesome. And of course the Sonic ice is a big thing with people. Small “pellets” – easy to chew.

  6. My sons love Sonic. One used to live in Virginia and the other lived in State College, PA. I’ve never been to one. But Twoheys sounds really good. I’m waiting for my husband right now to eat dinner and I’m hungry – after seeing those pictures I have a real craving for onion rings and caramel sundae.

  7. Yeah. My grilled chicken and steamed veggies don’t quite appeal to me any more. We in Texas, know the delights of The Sonic Burger & Tater Tots. Unfortunately, not on my diet… But then, neither is a foot-long chili dog and onion rings from Sonic. Or anything else they have. Sniff!

  8. Im not a fun of Sonic at all…In & Out is miles ahead. I miss all the old drive in places too. There only a few nifty originated in the 50s places left & when I travel I seek them out.
    Onion rings are the epitome of PMS. Soo good if done right!!!!

  9. Great burgers!! And their cherry limeades are to die for… they also have amazing shakes and their Sonic Sunrise drink always made my day extra sunny 🙂 I wish we had one here in Chicago! They show the commercials all the time, what a tease.. I really took it for granted when I lived in Fayetteville, Arkansas. You’re so lucky!

  10. When Sonic opened in MN last spring they had to have a special holding lot for people. It was so intense, but so good I guess everyone wanted to try it. You need to hit up the OC location and order a vanilla diet Dr. Pepper and tator tots with cheese!

  11. This is just the kind of place (Twoheys)I would LOVE to go to and darnit, I could have gone last June when I was in the “area”….Drats!