Nantucket Bicycle Baskets

If you’ve ever rented a bicycle on the island chances are you rented one from Young’s Bicycle Shop. I love the look of natural baskets on bikes. Since last going to Nantucket a couple years ago it has been my intention to order one and since it wouldn’t look good on a mountain bike, I’d like to use it to hold incoming mail in my laundry room. Just a little piece of the island where it’s least expected.

European Market BasketThis basket can be taken off the handle bars and used for shopping and then replaced by using hooks.
I love this.

Nantucket BasketSpeaks volumes of summer.
Has the slight feel of the Lightship baskets with the tight weave.

Split Ash Basketan outdoor silverware caddy…
or put by the phone for those odds n’ ends?

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  1. Everyone here shops with a basket, just enough for a days worth. Funny to see men walking around carrying a whicker basket. I haven’t adopted the shop everyday concept, I’m loaded down with my Scout bags!

  2. I’m hosting a giveaway for pink/green, plaid acrylic glasses on my blog… just looking for suggestions on what to name my little girl. I am de-lurking to say that I would love to hear your thoughts : ) Also, you’d probably like the giveaway glasses!

  3. I just noticed you changed to the other font, it looks good! 🙂

  4. Oh I love all three! I wouldn’t know which one I would pick. Are you going to get one? You should—-it’s your birthday month!
    I forgot to tell you I love your new header!

  5. Love these!! I do so love baskets. I have several Longabergers on display together. Thanks for sharing!! xoxo