Kate Sommerville Tanning Towelettes.

I cannot wait to try these.

I have tried a lot of self-tanners.
Smashbox. Fusion. Neutrogena, etc.
I saw Kate Sommerville talking about these on QVC this past weekend. No smell. Dries almost as soon as you put it on. Will not transfer to your clothes or wash off. It works with the proteins in your skin. She recommends once a week to keep it up once you get the color you desire. A little pricy but I am willing to give it a try. On QVC it is back ordered but I found it is available at Nordstrom so I am picking it up today.

One show I love, love, love on QVC is Saturday Night Beauty which is 7 – 8 PM Eastern time. Of course, I usually feel I need everything that is featured but the hour is so girlie and fun.
Check it out! 🙂


The towels are large and easily have enough product on them to cover what you will need. They are also thicker than what I was expecting which was good. I started on my legs so the concentration of product was heavier there. I went up to my arms and face and neck. In two hours I saw an immediate tan. I missed a couple places on my feet (I hate that) but I could soften the contrast by using a salt scrub. Thank goodness I did not start on my face! I applied to my face and neck last and the color was absolutely perfect with no skips because there was less product on the towelette by then. I also applied it by making small circles with the towelette. Maybe that is the secret to application. It says to do this on the package. (When in doubt read the directions, right?) My hands and arms were also perfect. I used a hand lotion after applying to the back of my hands and they are tanned with no start and stop lines.

The color is very good. Tan. No orange, at least on me and I have very fair skin. No detectable smell when putting the product on. Slight smell when on the skin but not bad. As always I need to take my time when putting on these products but other than applicator error (mine), I would buy them again but possibly try others that commentors have recommended if they are less money. Thanks for your comments!!

I give them 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

Color – ****
Ease – ****
Smell – ***

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  1. Please let us know if they work and are worth the $$.

  2. I’d love to find out how well this work! I’m trying my BEST not to go tanning..

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve been using the Arbonne line of self tanner & it rubs off on your clothes. It makes me almost as crazy as leaving the house all pale & white this time of year. I’ll have to go look for it at the QVC website.

    Thanks for sharing this knowledge. You really rock!

  4. I use the Loreal tanning towels right now and I love them BUT I totally wonder if I could love these more!! Pls let me know if you like em!

  5. Oh how exciting! Please, please, let us know how it works. I need something other than sunrays.

  6. I am SOOO curious as to how well these work. I couldn’t get past the price, so I didn’t order them. It was a convincing pitch, though.

    My fave self tanner is from Toni Brattin on HSN. It’s called Tan Secret, and I get a lot of compliments on it. Try it sometime!

  7. Ohhh, I LOVE Kate products and had NO idea she made tan towels! They sound wonderful thanks to your review. I think I need to invest in a box!

  8. Fascinating!

    And by the way, you are now doing more fancy stuff than I ever dreamed of…different colors, making some words bigger, etc. I have NO idea how to do all that… How did find out all this stuff?! 🙂