“Diamonds On The Tops of Her Shoes.”

Havaianas are flip flops made is Brazil and they are Superior with a capital ‘S’.
Dini’s of Los Angeles takes Havaianas one step further and transforms them with a Swarovski crystal charm.

I found my first Havaianas flip flops in Nantucket a couple years ago at the Lilly store In The Pink . Wouldn’t you know I had to travel 3,000 miles from LA to find a supplier in my own backyard? Figures.

I bought a bright pink pair with the prettiest crystal flower jewel on it.
Here is the color but with the non-crystal royal crown charm.

Seeing a recent post about Havaianas on Preppy 50 and Loving Lilly’s blog, I decided to buy another pair. I had read somewhere that Cameron Diaz buys a white pair every summer and not having any white sandals yet, I put in my order like Cam.

Being more vertically challenged, unlike Cam, I kicked it up a notch this time and went for the Wedgies Light. It has a 1 1/2″ wedge instead of being flat. So pretty with the clear crystal. I was surprised how much so.

Here is the jewel up close and personal.
The sparkle is pure Swarovski.

What’s fun about Dini’s is that you customize your look.
I was lovin’ the ‘evil eye.

What do you think Lovely Rita?

“Viva la France!”
Oops, that’s Spanish isn’t it? SoCal all the way, baby!

They have crystal peace signs, bows, hearts, crowns, skulls and this one ~ Any idea of what it is? It’s a Hamsa. Still no idea? Me either. I had to Wiki it.
That is your assignment for today. 🙂

Dini’s also carries patterned Havaianas. Aren’t these adorable? They are called Garden and have a rose colored crystal. I would buy these for son2’s GF if I hadn’t already bought her a birthday present (it’s the day before mine). They have a ladybug thing going on. It’s like ‘their bug’ or something. Is that cute or what?

Here is the rose colored crystal.

“Tres jolie, no?” Now that’s French!

And speaking of birthdays this month, if you haven’t signed up this week for the beginning of my “All Things Summer” give-aways to go to my sidebar and join the party!

“Diamonds On The Souls of Her Shoes” – Paul Simon
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  1. Gorgeous, love the blingy flip flops!!!

  2. Those are so pretty! When my daughter in law got pregnant I got her a pair and promised she would not want to wear anything but havaianas and sure enough she wears them all of the time! Nothing more comfortable when it is hot out.

  3. J’aime le coin avec le blanc de cristal, très joli pour l’été.

  4. Lovely Rita says:

    Oh Pink Martini and Pearls, I just love your blog!!! Every day it is like unwrapping a present! Can’t wait to see what’s inside! The sandals are adorable and I will be purchasing a pair for myself. The crystals are fun! And you know I love evil eye! I did not have to wiki the Hamsa…I already knew what it was:)

  5. when I get back to the states I have my eye on a peace sign one! Love them!

  6. Those flip-flops are so cute. My faves are the white ones, so cute!
    How is the party planning coming?

  7. I love the Garden pair and the white-so cute! Guess I’ll have to pop in to In the Pink this week!

  8. I LOVE flip flops! Especially ones that have a little extra flair. 🙂 Those ladybug ones are super cute!

  9. Ohh I am LOVING these, I def need some sparkly flip flops!!