Crab Season.

If your man is going to wear critters this summer….

Please, wear these …

Not these!

I don’t know about you but this reminds me of a subtle PSA in middle school.

Theme to Deadliest Catch – “Wanted Dead or Alive” – Bon Jovi
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  1. Amen! Those are terrifying. 😉

  2. lol! You are absolutely right!

  3. OK, so the first pair of shorts doesn’t bother me much…although I know that my hubs wouldn’t be caught dead in them.

    The second pair, well, they are just disturbing. Must be something about the big, blue crabs…I don’t know.

    And, you’re right…it IS like a subtle PSA in middle school! 😉

  4. I can actually see them crawling… yikes!
    Maybe John Daly would wear them, but Not my man!

  5. Love critter shorts on kids, not men. I tagged you!

  6. My thoughts exactly.

  7. Too funny!!

  8. The 2nd pair are hilarious! I would want my husband to wear them as a joke just to see people’s horrified expressions! lol

  9. They would be funny to see someone wear especially in a bar. Do not let this guy buy you a drink!! The first pair is from the Castaway Clothing line and the second pair from Bermuda Styles. I couldn’t bring myself to putting a link to the pair that are alive.

  10. The shorts have to go!

  11. Bwahahahahahah….

  12. Some of those crabs are seriously misplaced.

  13. Hahahha.. you had me cracking up when I read this in the library 🙂