Class of ’09 Dehydration

With Teacher Appreciation Week over and my platters still needing to be picked up from the luncheon, I’ll be heading back to the high school one more time, the last as a parent. After weeks of semi-silent complaining to ‘just get it over with’ from being weary of concerts, banquets, award ceremonies, quick dinners and if shirts and tuxes were cleaned and pressed I now want everything to slow down, stop and just hold this moment in time.

Having all these beautiful young adults over for the prom pre-party really jerked my emotions. There they were. Every single one of them – happy. Every parent – happy. One could feel the energy if they stopped to enjoy the moment and I wanted it to never end. The stresses they had known all year with dozens of college application essays, the waiting laden with anxiety, the extreme highs and lows of acceptances and/or rejections, and hours of AP testing were over. They were free yet wanting to be together before being scattered by the winds. They didn’t care who was going to what college or who received the award for ‘xyz.’ They were present in the moment and drinking it in by gulps. I was suddenly aware there was no other place in the world I would rather be. As I stood back and surveyed the scene sipping from my own cup, I had no idea how thirsty I had really become.

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  1. Beautifully said, sometimes it’s nice to step back and drink up all that is around you. Have a great Wednesday.

  2. Lady Kate says:

    What a wonderful analogy. You have brought back so many wonderful memories for me, of my kids graduating and soaking in those “last moments.” I am so glad you are savoring those moments.

  3. Beautifully spoken by you as always!! So true, too. Sometimes we miss so much by just “wanting to get it over with” . . .

  4. Words are always so well written by you, you have the knack!! Don’t be sad, just think of everything you have done through all of these years. You should be proud, and happy!
    It did bring back great memories for me, thank-you.
    Now, just think of something nice to do for yourself with the little bit of spare time you might have now!

  5. Little sips, little sips.
    Killer visualization.

  6. I love this post. So, so true. I remember graduating…and sometimes wish I could go back to that day once again.

    When my “baby” brother graduated hs last year, it really brought on the emotions and took me back to a place where life was just an open book at that time. Nothing written on the pages yet, a clean slate.

    Hope your Wednesday went wonderfully and again–I loved this post. Simply beautiful.

  7. Just found your blog and I’ll be dang, you made me cry the very first time! That was so beautifully written!