10 Things “No One Knows About Me” Tag

I was tagged by Pink In A Sea Of Blue to list 10 things about me that people might not know. ‘Pink’ was also the winner of my give-away last week. We both have a son with the same name. I bet you didn’t know that! 🙂1.
I do not get my nails ‘done’. I’m a hands on kinda gal and I’m too active to keep a manicure looking nice and I don’t like to commit to weekly appointments for anything.

I am a commensurate list maker when I am entertaining for a dinner or party. I make pages of them and even make a time table and work my way backwards to when I have to start my day’s errands and preparation work.

I pack late at night the day before a trip. When it comes to travel I do not plan well.

I hate emptying the dishwasher.

I love the smell of a paperback and will flip the pages while I’m reading and drink in summer.

I honeymooned in New England for 3 weeks in autumn and always wished I had lived there or on the east coast.

I tend to procrastinate but to my credit I work best under pressure.

I am becoming even more conservative, if that is possible (or rigid?) as I ‘mature.’

In my early 20’s, I once borrowed my Irish coffee cup as a souvenir from the Buena Vista in San Francisco that I have not returned yet. It is the only souvenir I have ever ‘borrowed’ and now I feel like a derelict.

I was born in Los Angeles in The French Hospital in Chinatown and was delivered by my uncle.

I would love to read your Top 10, so please grab this tag and play along!

“1,2,3” – Gloria Estefan
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  1. Hi there, I’m Back!! I hope you had a wonderful week, I know I did! It was so nice taking a break from the computer, I didn’t realize what a hold it can have on you sometimes!
    That is funny about the Irish coffee mug. Please don’t worry about that–I’m sure you are forgiven. You almost have to be just from worrying about it! I also love those little “red-soled shoes” you have posted. Wouldn’t that be nice to own a few of those?
    Maybe I’ll grab your tag and play along when I get a chance, but for now I have to run. Have a great night!

  2. Great list…I hate empty the dish washer too! Forget about the coffee cup ….statue of limitations as past.

  3. Great post! I can relate to procrastinating. I’ve mastered it!

  4. It seems as though… we may have been separated at birth!
    I don’t even have to do this tag, you’ve done it for me 🙂

  5. I procrastinate too — and pack at the last minute. It seems I can ONLY get going when I’m under the gun!

    I don’t get my nails done either….just pedicures.

    I was tagged too and I usually forget all my tags and awards, but I need to start working on that…

  6. Fun facts! I am with you on the dishwasher unloading!

  7. Totally understand the list making!

  8. Let the coffee cup go…they’ve probably changed patterns at least 3 times since.
    I wish I could get manicures but I too know whats the point. Unless all you do is eat bons bons its no use. I’m a pedi gal myself.

  9. Thanks for “borrowing” that coffee cup. My first husband and I went to San Francisco for a wonderful trip shortly before his untimely death. I had been racking my brain trying to think of the name of the Buena Vista. We went there just about every night of our trip.

  10. I am all about lists too, and nothing beats a New England fall!