“Would You Like Lemon and Sugar With Your Flak Jacket?”

When you’re dining in da ‘hood….
you can still entertain elegantly while being under siege.

“Our Polaris Polycarbonate Outdoor Dinnerware looks like crystal but won’t break like it. This collection is crafted of high-quality, transparent polycarbonate — the same material used in bulletproof glass and riot shields.” ~ Frontgate

I know what they were trying to say here but after living in LA and having experienced a sniper attack on my university owned apartment building complete with SWAT team and having to evacuate for a bomb threat at 3 AM, this struck me as being funny.
Gosh, I miss my college days at USC.

Good times.

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  1. That is a pretty funny description 🙂

  2. I love that stuff, and want to get a nice set since we are always outside or on the deck. It’s pretty too!

  3. Funny! Earthquake proof too, I presume? We have had a few recently. Can’t interrupt the BBQ. That’s how we roll with teenage boys. Don’t let nature ruin supper!

  4. Well I guess if the foods lousy you can hold a plate to yourself to deflect an unwanted flack from guests….could not resist!!!!

  5. LOL!!