The Kate Spade Cocktail

Start with…
4 maraschino cherries, stems on
4 green stuffed olives on picks
2 lemon wedges
2 lime slices
Add a twist of 1 orange and a zest for life.

Don’t forget the cocktail umbrellas!
(must include at least 1 pink, naturally)…

… and serve with a dash of Lilly, of your choice.
It’s 151 proof that summer is just a shake away.

‘Blended, please’: “Lime In The Coconut” – Harry Nilsson
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  1. just reading 151 made my stomach do a little flip- oh dear!

  2. See…not only are you THE shopper, you could write for a living. Describing the charm bracelet that way was perfect!!!

  3. I love this adorable post!

  4. glad to read you’re feeling better! love the bracelet, I may even ask for it for my May birthday, thanks for the find!

  5. Oh wow, it sounds like your just a shake away from feeling a little bit better. I sure hope so. Very, very cute dress! I hope your back to full fledge shopping soon!

  6. You’re so good at this!! Love this post!! How are you??
    P.S. I want both of these!! xoxo

  7. I’ll take both! I am really drooling over the bracelet. Xoxo-BLC

  8. How cute – they look fab together, too!

  9. Love, love kate Spade and your clever way of describing this fun bracelet. Hope your weekend has a few martini’s in it!

  10. Very cute post. Loving that dress!

  11. This was such a fun post! I saw that bracelet in KS last Sunday and fell in love with it. It is too adorable and you are so right, it would look fabulous with Lilly!

  12. I LOVE THAT BRACELET! The colors remind me of a chandelier I saw in Venice, but didn’t buy. I’ve been searching for it online ever since. Maybe this bracelet would curb that craving.