“Make Sure You Have Protection…”

I’m sure you’ve heard about the NY Times columnist who is accused of plagiarism from picking up a quote from a blogger. This comes on the same day I found someone using a photo of mine taken from my blog. It is okay with me because the photo is insignificant but it took me quite by surprise. It got me to wondering though- should the creative writings and original photographs of bloggers be protected or is everything up for grabs or are bloggers protected from republication by default?As an armchair writer I tend to be possessive about my literary children and I want them to know who their daddy is or in my case, their mama. I think anyone who puts forth a creative effort feels this way no matter what the content. I see some blog sites have copyright notifications and content cannot be used without permission.

What do you know about the legalese of the blogosphere?

“Paperback Writer” – The Beatles
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  1. You can go to creativecommons.org and set up your blog to be “protected”, copyrighted, etc. and put a link at the bottom of your page. Of course this doesn’t guarantee that someone won’t still plagiarize!

  2. I write for an outlet of my life, I can’t imagine anyone quote or borrowing my works. I write like I talk…not well!

  3. Pet – Thanks.

    Frau – Au contraire, mon ami. Your description of being ‘Vanilla Iced’ should be in the slang dictionary and you should claim your Pulitzer for humor!

  4. I’ve had someone use my answers to a meme of all things word for word. I called her on it in the comments section of HER blog and of course she doesn’t “visit” me anymore. I guess at this point I’m not writing anything crucial that would be harmed if it were plagerized and I guess I never considered it would happen to me…but I’m hearing it more and more these days. *ugh*

  5. Good to know about creativecommons.org – not that anyone would want my words, but yours are “steal-worthy” – 😉 xoxo

  6. Jillian – I am not surprised your answers were good enough to ‘borrow’. 🙂

    P101 – No, certainly not my musings as they are personal thoughts but with everything so readily accessible, a person might not know what is public domain and what is someone’s creative efforts. I didn’t say anything about the photo. I’m glad she liked it enough to use it. 🙂

  7. As a writer if my work is acknowledged, but that directly means I’ve been credited, then I’m flattered someone loves what I write. Word for word..nope thats wrong.
    Original images…well I guess…if you’re asked first its best but again if its referenced, then I think its alright.
    As long as there’s no profit to come from it or take away from your earnins.