Lunch With The Lady

I had a lovely day with Lady Kate.

Lady Kate was my room mate in college in the sorority house. She was, and still is, a morning person and I was…uh…not. She would throw open the curtains in the morning and chirp, “Good Morning”. I hated that. I talked on the phone until late at night and would pull the cord into the hallway to try to be quiet but I wasn’t too successful. She hated that. We never quarreled though I don’t know why. Maybe we thought our opposite circadian rhythms were kind of amusing and endearing or we just had respect for each other’s differences or maybe it was the fact that I would borrow her skirts and for that reason alone I could put up with Miss Mary Sunshine 4 mornings a week. Now she splits her time between DC and home and sometimes she will send me an email when she wakes up to see if I have gone to bed yet and more times than not I answer her right back. Some things never change.

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  1. Yet another reason we would be BFF. I am a night owl for sure!! 😉 But I also like to get up and at it – I guess I am afraid I’ll miss something! haha xoxo

  2. P 101 – There would be no doubt! 🙂