“Daylight come and me wan’ go shoppin’,
jah know sista?”

Vera Bradley.
Vera tropical.

Island Collection

“Banana Boat Song” – Harry Belafonte
‘Come Mister Tally Man, tell me I have money’ (my version)
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  1. Perfect Post!!

  2. I love Vera Bradley! Cute collection must check it out. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Okay, I was never a huge Vera fan but something has changed in the last few years because I love their designs and patterns so much more. Now, this????? I want it, I need it!!!
    P.S. I’m passing you an award because, well, I always pass you an award. Do what you want with it though…no problems:-)

  4. That is so cute!!

  5. This is so different from the average Vera, I love it!

  6. Love it! So cute…and I love Vera Bradley:)