Be Still My Heart!

I saw this beauty yesterday in the LV store.

It was calling my name – in French even!
It was iridescent like the vinyl of a vintage car’s back seat just pleading with me to hop in and be bad. For close to $900 I couldn’t be that bad even for a bag. Ever. I found this knock off for $239 and although I know it doesn’t have that hypnotic allure of the real LV, I’d be happy to take her out for spin and drive her around the block a few times.

I also took a gander at this in the Kate Spade store…
Aloha! Love it!
KS stores only received 2 pink per store.
They had natural and orange but this island girl’s heart belongs to pink.
I signed up to win the Hawaii trip too. Wish me luck!

“Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat” – Herman’s Hermits
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  1. I LOVE the Kate Spade!!

  2. Oh, that LV bag is fabulous. I saw that KS bag the other day in an email I got from them. I didn’t know they were only getting 2 per store. I was wondering what the texture of the bag feels like? It almost looks like grass skirt material.

    I signed up to win the trip too!

  3. Jules – It is like a grass skirt and the one I saw had a hula girl key chain attached that made it so cute!

  4. You need it. 😉 xoxo

  5. Just think a that pink Louis as an investment.

  6. I love both, but must admit that I am in shock the LV is only $900. That really does seem like a good deal for a LV, but then again so is the KS!

  7. Love the Kate Spade…it screams summer…& giggles fun.

  8. Aaah–I remember this post but never realized that your picture linked to a website! Their pictures are straight off of the LV website, so I wonder what their merchandise really looks like? Hmmm…