The Zen of Highway 99 and Ruth

Seems I have been on a circuit lately that I hope has concluded for a long time. Our family has lost two very lovely ladies within two weeks of eachother, or has it been three? It seems closer in time when these things happen. Both were 89 and as the ministers comforted those remaining, they reminded us that they lived their lives well and their time here has now ended. Both lived lives filled with purpose, children, grand-children and recently the additional generation made it’s adorable debut.
The service we attended this past Monday was a good distance to travel from home and could only be reached by car. If you are familiar with Highway 99 going up through the middle of the San Joaquin Valley, you will know you have a great deal of time to reflect. Hours of it. It is a road you can’t help but wonder where you’ve been and where you’re headed. Like life, it can seem limitless with the end nowhere in sight being flat and straight. It provides ample opportunities though, to veer off and take side trips at your own discretion. You may decide to see where an off ramp takes you without much thought to the destination, or you may choose to take a break from your travels, refuel and charge your battery awhile at a rest stop with the highway still in sight.

The lovely lady we were honoring and celebrating on Monday provided me with a rest stop. Being my husband’s aunt and separated by the grapevine and a few hundred miles of almond groves and cattle, I didn’t know her very well but I liked her from the moment I met her. She was a farmer’s wife. There was something very comforting about this and it put me instantly at ease as we spent the evening talking in her living room.

I wrote a little about her on my side bar where I list what I am grateful for on a daily basis. Since I change this when I create a new post it will soon be gone but I wanted her kindness to last in my writings as it will in my memory.

What I am grateful for today….
… the chance to pay my respects to a very gracious lady who once served me a simple breakfast of cereal with her sterling silver. Almost 25 years later I have never forgotten how special she made me feel that morning.

Thank you, Ruth, for providing me with a gracious moment along the highway.
I am so glad we took the turn off.
May you find peace on your highway to heaven.

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  1. Oh this is great. What an awesome tribute to this wonderful lady! I agree that times like this always bring reflections and questions. xoxo

  2. I am so glad you and hubby could attend Ruth’s services. She knew how to make everyone feel special. In the 40 odd years that I have known her, I don’t think I ever heard her say a negetive thing about anyone. Classy. Proper. Loyal. Devoted. She always did the best she could. She never wanted a fuss made about her. Quiet & reflective. She loved holding her grandchildren and great grandchildren whenever possible. They could do no wrong and were the smartest & best looking ever. Her face would light up when she saw them. She is and will always be truly missed. Thank you for such an eloquent tribute. Andrea

  3. We could all use a lot more Aunt Ruth’s in our lives. 🙂