Lilly’s Bermuda Bags…Beautiful!

Back at the end of January I wrote a post regarding my love of Bermuda Bags. I was overjoyed when I found that was selling them as a pre-order set of three reversible covers and even more thrilled to see that they were Lilly’s Jubilee patterns!

They finally arrived!

First, I was amazed to find them packaged so beautifully in this bright pink box with a vinyl window. It reminded me of a doll box and was so pretty I didn’t want to open it! It even smelled like summer in a box.

The scent of the vinyl reminded me of blowing up the first beach ball of the season.

Even reading the copy on the back of the box began to take me away on an adventure and scavenger hunt.

Here are the 3 covers…

…and here are the reversible covers…

…and here’s to summer!

Pink Martinis and Lilly = Perfect: “Lilly” – Pink Martini

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  1. Those are soooo cute. You will be so stylish this spring and summer!

  2. One more thing for my wish list!!! Thanks for being my personal shopper:-)

  3. Very cute. I loved my bermuda bag growing up! I had tons of covers, mostly monogrammed. These days, I need a much bigger bag, unfortunately. Too bad I didn’t have girls.

  4. a great going out bag for any time of the day or evening, love it! Brings back memories of high school and Cold Spring Harbor. You always evoke a pleasant memory, thanks!

  5. Ah those are so fabulous! I have a very ollld LIlly bermuda bag but these covers are fabulous! Six bags in one package!

  6. Love them …want them!Enjoy!

  7. Awwww. . . love them!! They are wonderful! I have an old one with a reversible cover, but these are filled with fabulosity!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi, this is your old friend, Johnny D, checking out your blog. I had to concentrate as it looks alot like a sales catalogue. Are you on commission or something? Actually, I have been to Bermuda twice and don’t recall seeing these bags. But I don’t think that’s the point, right? Colorful and cute – that’s the point.

    Talk to ya later, John

  9. A man! LOL
    Anyway, to comment on the Bermuda bags- timeless, classic, enduring… love them.

  10. Bermuda sisters – Yes, they are fab and I am like Sea In Blue they really are too small for my huge Kate Spade wallet, etc. but I could not resist. Almost like having them as a museum piece to look at. I feel like Andy Warhol and his loose jewels, I wanted them to look at but I will also take them out for a spin with the wallet essentials and lipstick.

    As for you Johnny D -(a beloved personal friend) – You are SO not gay but I’ve decided to overlook that deficiency in you… thanks for stopping by to look at my music request to see if I could transfer some of my iTunes over. Go read The Trad to satisfy that that manly beast inside you. It’s one of my fav reads for gentlemen. Shared meat and spuds soon, I promise.

  11. They are so pretty and preppy! Love,love , love.

  12. OH MY! I was obsessed with this style of purse in grade school. I had sooooooo many covers!!! Now they have Lilly! That is just TOO PERFECT!

  13. My bermuda bag was one of my favorite early fashion statements! Just watch your fingers… 🙂 It hurt if that wood snapped on you!

    My mom would make covers to match my dresses for me… oh, the 80’s.

    I just posted a dozen picks on pink shoes you might like…

  14. I cannot believe you could find a picture of me with a beachball. I’m the one in the middle, lol.

    Some companies (like Lily) just know how to do business properly. Love the bags! You’re not just paying for quality, but class as well.

    And, whatever the drinks are in the martini glass & shaker… I want them immediately!

  15. I have the Lilly holder and some covers…but these are soooo cute!!!

  16. Oh la la! That is just precious. I am trying to decide what to get Ale’s little sis for graduation, do you think that would be fitting? It just tres beautiful. Xoxo-BLC