“Eye Want It….Eye’ve Got To Have It”!

I received a newsletter in the mail from a local spa singing the praises about Latisse a prescription medication that is applied topically, like eyeliner, at night that grows your eyelashes to unbelievable lengths and fullness. The active ingredient was originally in glaucoma medication and they found the side effects were great lashes.

The photos are amazing!

There is a dramatic difference at week 8 but at week 16 there is a 78% significant increase in length, fullness and darkness- WOW!

There are disclaimers, of course –
possible darkened eye lids (that’s what concealers are for) which will go away with discontinued use and the possibility of your baby blues turning brown permanately but it also states this has not happened with this product.

I think I may give it a go for all my summer weddings coming up.

The spa is selling it for $95.

What do you think?

Music to bat your peepers to: “Suite Judy Blue Eyes” – Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
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  1. I asked my doctor for a prescription. I’d be a little wary of a spa selling a prescription medication, but I definitely want to try this.

  2. I think I will let you both try…and then report back. My own human guinea pigs!

  3. Good point, so I called and asked them. They have licensed PA’s in the spa that are able to write a prescriptions. You must see them first for a consultation and then the Latisse is dispensed through the spa.

  4. wow, those pictures are amazing! I’m lucky in the eyelash department, but may need this further down the road.

  5. Sounds intriguing, but luckily my lashes are fine with a little help. I’d spend the $95 on wrinkle cream! You’ll have to tell us if it works.

  6. I’m sure I’ll chicken out because I do have baby blues but I love the promise of hopeful products. 🙂

  7. I think I want some too! My eyes are hazel and boring (to me:-) so even if they turn brown, I’m okay with that. And my lashes are pathetic!!! Never had long lush lashes and the ones I did have were so abused in my younger and more glamorous (so I thought) days:-)

  8. My bf’s dad is a plastic surgeon and he received testers of Latisse. From what he’s told me it works wonders and his secretaries were fighting for the samples! I say go for it!

  9. oh i cannot wait to see how this goes for you!

  10. I’m wondering how it could work, you know, what chemicals and what exactly it’s stimulating. I am so super sensitive to everything, I’d be the one to end up w/ brown eyes!

  11. Well, I have brown eyes, and very, very short lashes!! I have never heard of it, but am going to look further into it for sure!!!!

  12. I just read about this the other day. Let us know how it works! I have super-sensitive skin, so I doubt that I would try it.

  13. Can’t believe the stuff they make! I have green eyes, and not the greatest vision. Better stick with the lamo mascara until you brave women test this product and tell us all about it!

  14. the Revitalash i gave you at christmas is the EXACT same stuff!!! we sell it here…and it is under the licence of the owner dermatologist Dr. Gormley! and it totally totally works!!