The Rite of Spring

In 1913 the Russian composer, Igor Stravinsky, premiered The Rite of Spring (English translation). Saying it caused quite a stir, would be putting it mildly. It caused an all out riot. The rhythms were primitive and asymmetrical. There was discord and dissonance in the melodies. The dance was violent depicting wild pagan rituals. Fistfights broke out among the audience. The Paris police were summoned and the composer who fled the theater mid-scene was reported to be inconsolable.

I feel Igor’s pain. My personal rite of spring also brings a riot of panic. All winter I have given little thought to the assumed pastoral symphony that surely would await me in the spring. Then it happens. It is a beautiful day full of sunshine and warmer temperatures. Without thinking I shed a protective layer of clothing. Uh-oh. I should not have done that. Instantly I receive the annual invitation. It reads:

“You have been cordially invited to attend summer.
You have 3 months to pull yourself together.
Please check your calendar to see if you will be able to attend.”


My RSVP is made by looking in the mirror. No, really looking in the mirror. Full length in the harsh natural light of day. My primitive and pagan rituals of winter culinary sustenance has lead me here. Something is not right. I am too symmetrical. My inner size 8 is fistfighting the perceived heavyweight champion of the world’s reflection. I am wishing the Paris police could be summoned to restore order but instead I feel the fashion police in hot pursuit and quickly closing in. I am tempted to leave the scene, despondent and disheartened as Igor did. I am a more fortunate composer though, as I only have one patron to please. I plan on stepping up more rehearsals comprised of walking and Pilates. I am hopeful this will bring me to the crescendo of summer with a standing ovation.

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  1. OH my gosh! This post is genius! I love the analogy! This would have been a perfect example to use when I was still teaching!! But – I digress!! You will win this battle!! xoxo

  2. I agree, so poetically written! I too am battling the “muffin tops”, an over 50 disease when estrogen fades and allows a storage unit to set up. I’m wondering if you can ever go back? Let me know if you find the right exercise and I’ll join you!

  3. Wow! The way you worded that made my head spin, like, how in the world did you come up with that!? You are great! Are you sure you are not a writter?? Happy Spring!


  4. Well, I applaud you!
    Clever way of expressing the issue of…expansion that can occur in the winter months.
    I have vowed not to buy a size bigger, but how many days and how many places can I wear my gym clothes with their spandex and stretchy waist?

    So, know that you are not alone 🙂

  5. Thank you, ladies. 🙂

  6. Oh, that was just awesome. I try to avoid mirrors, unless I’m fully dressed! It’s time for the gym!