Thanks Preppy Player & “7 Things You’ve Ever (never) Wanted To Know About…”

Thank you Preppy Player, for the thoughtful blog acknowledgment and shout out. Since I listed my seven favorite things in a recent post, and Preppy mentioned getting to know me better, I am going to shake up the rules a bit and list seven things that only a few people might know about me. Did you know…..

Why “Pink Martinis and Pearls?” Although I rarely imbibe (really), I might have a cocktail if we go out for dinner with friends. Because I am usually in the ‘margarita rut’ of not knowing what else to order, my mantra is…
if it’s pink, it has got to be good’
Therefore, I will see what is on the cocktail menu that is pink and go from there. A prior post gives insight as to why I love cocktail umbrellas. Pearls are classic. They can be worn with the little black dress or tucked behind the neckline of a white tee-shirt paired with jeans. They are also my birthstone and were a wedding gift from my husband. So when I wear them they remind me of my birthday, my wedding and my marriage.

I have a passion for wrapping gifts with lavish over-the-top distinction. For example, years ago before it might have been considered acceptable, I wrapped a wedding gift in black moire paper with wide magenta metallic ribbon. Daring at the time, yet a conversation piece.

I rode on a Rose Parade float with a tiara and a sash, a very, very long time ago and my name was read on national TV. Family and friends in other parts of the country thought this was pretty neat stuff.

I cannot listen to my boys’ high school musical concerts without tearing up every single time.

Every night I ask the Archangel Michael for protection while we sleep. I ask that angels be posted at every door, window and chimney. I also pray for this protection for any children should they be away from home. This is not an original idea, but I have adopted it and pass it along to you. 🙂

Although I tend to entertain on a Martha Scale of “10” because I enjoy it, I wish I knew simple things to make for nightly dinners.
Any ideas?

My all-time fantasy that I’ve had since the 8th grade is singing back up with James Taylor.
The mic doesn’t even have to be on.

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  1. You just must be the best hostess!

  2. Good job 🙂

  3. I say St. Michael’s prayer every night before bed too. You cannot go wrong there!

  4. Lou Lou – Thank you for the sweet compliment. It is so much fun to do things you wouldn’t do every day but even better yet to share your fun with others.

    P2 – It was fun! I also found out I am kind of shy talking about myself. That would be #8. 🙂

    Posh – I didn’t know there was a specific prayer but I am going to look it up. I am an equal opportunity pray-er. 🙂

  5. Wow a James Taylor fan! I love JT. Saw him in concert a couple of times and I think I own every album. I love over the top entertaining. I think I need to come and take some lessons. I am so glad I found your blog with a little help from my friend and sister in all things Miss Heather. Guess I will not have to put you on my daily read list!! Love ya blog, Andrea

  6. Well, well, Miss Andrea. Welcome! So nice seeing you and your man despite the reflection of the day. Wasn’t that a beautiful service? A true celebration of Jo’s life.

  7. Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with us. I love that blogging let’s us “meet” women from all over the country. I consider you a must read and a “cyber-friend”.

  8. SJN – Thank you ‘cyber-sister’. Your comment is sweet as ever! 🙂