Out Of My Element

I would like to plan a trip to Boston where my college boy is in attendance. At this time of year I begin to ache for a hug and a visual. Besides my plan for some exchanges of squeezes which are probably in direct contrast to any child’s plan when their parent comes to visit (fitting me in if he has to but will oblige for a couple of non-dorm meals), I am hoping to experience falling snow. This puts me in a precarious position as I really don’t own any cold weather clothes. No coat. Only flats andsandals. I am SoCal all the way. He says the side walks are cleared immediately and the indoors are over compensated with heat and that we over bought on his winter clothes. Oh well. What did we know so I am thinking I may be okay.I envision walking through the shops on Newbury and Charles and seeing what life is like completely different than what I experience on a daily basis. I might wimp out if I give this too much thought.

UPDATE: I wrote the above last night and now I am looking at pics of this morning’s aftermath. Yikes! I am totally unprepared!

So, what do I really need to take?
I could use some advise!!

Song to ponder by: “Come to Boston” – Dave Loggins
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  1. I’m from Cape Cod (an hour out of Boston) and honestly the weather isn’t that bad. You’ll need some Uggs or Bean boots for the snow, Hunter wellies work fine too. A nice warm coat, (I have a Jcrew w/ Thinsulate and that works well for me) a scarf or pashmina, gloves (these really are the most important for me because I have poor circulation so my fingers will turn purple if they’re not toasty in gloves) and a nice warm sweater. You’ll be fine I promise, if you get chilly its just an excuse to head into a store πŸ™‚

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  3. I just stumbled upon your blog & found it inspirational. I am the mom of two 14 mo. old twins. Your post “goodbye Mr. Chips” made me literally cry. You reminded me that these times when children are young are fleeting & should be appreciated. Thank you for that. You sound like a wonderful, devoted mother.

  4. Thanks so much for the wardrobe advice. I am in so much trouble! I might have a free ticket but the clothes are going to cost me a fortune. πŸ™‚

    Thank you Posh Mama, for the sweetest reply. Oh, to be a mom with all those wonderful years in their young lives to look forward to. They are indeed fleeting and so precious. It sounds as if you know that already. πŸ™‚ Your kind words really warmed my heart. Thank you again taking the time to write to me. I am thankful for your thoughtfulness.

  5. We have family in Boston and I love to visit, especially the Cape, but save my trips for April thru November. I hate the hassle of winter travel, and it’s cold up there! You’d love to take the ferry over to Martha’s Vineyard, it’s an entirely totally preppy town! Whenever you decide to go, have fun!

  6. Okay, I had to go find your post “good bye Mr. Chips”. This empty nesting can be a difficult time, especially for a stay at home Mom. I have raised 3 beautiful, intelligent, caring and wonderful daughters, and when the 3rd one went off… I flirted with sadness. You have to redefine yourself, for this time in your life. I have found myself again and I’m having a great time! My girl will be graduating in May, and we’ll be back in the same house again, which I’m sure will bring another adjustment, but it will be good to have her back in the nest for a little while.
    Plan that trip to Boston to see your son. Shop at a consignment shop for a coat and boots, and have a great time!

  7. You need boots- but Uggs and Wellies are fine. And socks of course. A scarf and gloves can make all the difference. I live a few hours west of Boston and wear light cotton sweaters just about every day. Because Boyfriend is correct- it is hot inside when the heat is flowing. You will need some sort of coat- wool or puffer. I say ask your friends and just borrow one for the weekend. Or go to the Target clearance section. But you will be fine in regular pants- jeans or whatever you wear normally.

  8. Thank you so much for all the great advice. How does one travel with wellies on?? Do you take them with you then switch in the airport? I can’t imagine sitting 6 hours on the plane with them on and especially getting on the plane when it’s 80 and sunny. I know this sounds like I don’t have a clue but I really have no idea.

  9. Oh, “College Boy” is my son. Moms need squeezes too. πŸ™‚

  10. Just came across your blog!

    I am a Boston native. The March weather around here is very unpredictable – it just snowed 9 inches Sunday but the Friday before it was 50 degrees. I would just advise you to pay close attention to the weather before you leave; you may luck out and be able to wear flats your entire trip!