Merci! Grazie! Arigato! Thanks! :)

This IS my lucky day!
Thank you to Preppy 101, author extraordinaire,
of All Things Southern & Preppy
for the tag on this unique award.

I love Preppy 101’s blog and along with hundreds of her ‘BF’s’, we certainly know a good thing when we read it!
She is delightful, positive, informative and her comments are always a reflection of her graciousness.

Thank you, dear fellow “Fab & Fifty & Nifty”
for thinking of me and tagging me with a fun award and activity.

I am to list 10 not-so-cute things about me.
Hmmm…. let’s see now….

Arachnophobia – eek!
I am a life long ice chewer although I prefer the term ‘connoisseur’.
My night shirt – a souvenir of Mono Cone on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevadas. It has a picture of the biggest soft serve ice cream cone, burger, fries and seagulls on the back. Not a ‘cute’ sight when the burger and fries are wiggling as I’m walking away. Of that I am certain!
I tend to drive a little too fast or so I’ve been told. Someone once gave me a plaque that said, “Do not drive faster than your Guardian Angel can fly”. Subtle.
Since I take my jewelry off as soon as I come in the house and don’t go upstairs right away and put it away, I have pieces scattered all over the house but in my usual places.
My ‘tude ain’t cute the night before the cleaning ladies are to come the next day and I’m the 11th hour housekeeper.
What I want to say to people who push their way in front of me in line after I have been waiting patiently.
The ‘ugly cry’ that I cannot control when I see an animal shelter commercial and those big, teary eyes are begging me to rescue them on late night TV. Thank goodness I am usually the last one up watching!
I still have my Christmas mugs box sitting out because there are a couple that keep getting used. It’s on my mental list of “I’ve got to take care of that” whenever I see one floating around.
I have more totes than anyone should ever have, but isn’t that cute, really? It depends if you ask me or my husband. 🙂
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  1. I’m with you on the ice chewing- but I’ll also chomp on other frozen foods (that “should” be cooked first). Also, I think it’s totally fine to leave jewelry everywhere. When I can’t find my diamond ring, I know it’s in the candle on the coffee table. I get really confused when people put things where they belong.

  2. OMG–Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!! I feel like an idiot. I did it! I just knew it was something so easy.

    My jewlery is everywhere too. It drives my husband crazy when I put my rings over the kitchen sink ledge. He thinks they will fall down the drain. So far that has not happened.
    I also hate spiders too! One time I saw a big spider by my couch (too big to squish) and for some reason grabbed my hairspray. Well—-when I sprayed her, a million little ity bity baby spiders came running off her back!!!! I almost called 911, cause I thought I was going to have a heart attack! Just thinking about it makes me itchy.
    Have a great weekend!!


  3. I don’t like to leave jewelry on when I come home either…I hate bugs and snakes…eekkkk!

  4. Oh I’m an ice chewer too and have been for YEARS! My sister-in-law who is a dental hygentist says it takes off the enamel and then I try to stop for awhile, but I start up again. That’s why I like the ice I call “pre-chewed’ that Sonic has. It seems like it wouldn’t do as much damage on the teeth! And I know exactly what commercial you’re talking about (I think) with Sara McClaughlan’s song in the background. Oooh my daughter and I just die when we see it.

  5. To all – I am SO glad I am not alone!

    Chloe – IN the candle? That’s funny but as long as you know where it is. Sometimes I just panic and have to go to all my secret hiding places. I feel like a dog looking for a buried treasure in the backyard.

    Ronda – If I had a nickle for every computer question I had asked, I’d be giving Bill Gates a run for his money. Glad it worked.
    As for the couch, at first I thought how funny you called it a ‘her’, then I passed out. When I regained consciousness I thought how could you EVER sit on that couch again! That is so Steven King-esque! I love the hairpsray touch. Still glam under pressure. 🙂

    Miss J – A fellow jewelry purger. We’ve just got to take it off when we walk in that door, don’t we? Snakes???

    Tickled – Oh, you have access to the ‘good stuff’. Quit bragging! That slushy ice is hard to find on the street. Quiznos is the closest we have but not exactly the caviar of ice. I envy your source. YES that is exactly the tear-jerking commercial that reduces me to a puddle of tears at 2 AM!!!

  6. hahaha…the more I read about you, the more I think we are realted…or at least I wish we were! I have totes galore, too. and jewelry is everywhere but in a jewelry box. I just bet you are more organized than me…I am working on your flip-flops as we speak!!!!!
    P.S. You wrote once that you had a business to help with expenses, going to buying shows…fill me in, please?

  7. Dear sister Suzanne – Why use a small box when you can have oodles of square feet to hold your baubles? I could use a box. I can’t wait for my flip flops but I am wearing a boot due to my Nordstrom revival show and injured tendons. It will be nice to wear something pretty again in a couple of weeks.